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July 2015
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0729. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on July 29, 2015

Drake – Back To Back (Meek Mill Diss) [XtremelyHot]

https://tusfiles.net/cc7tg31y93u3 | ZippyShare

Young Buck Feat. Trick Trick - Bout That Life [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/hwr1z77ybnoa | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Markis Precise’s new album “The Feeling Of Flying

Markis Precise Feat. Ras Kass - 5 Fingers Of Fresh [Prod. By Markis Precise] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/5nfvahm821b5 | ZippyShare

Markis Precise Feat. Fashawn - Skateboard [Prod. By Markis Precise] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/9kop6atft75r | ZippyShare

Markis Precise Feat. Oddisee - When I Stopped Looking [Prod. By Markis Precise] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/tp7dlpjn4bgx | ZippyShare

3 tracks off King Keil’s new album “Dopebaron

King Keil Feat. Ghostface Killah - Dopebaron [Prod. By Alterbeats, Cuts By DJ Fast Cut] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/sm2fzy0ql32y | ZippyShare

King Keil Feat. Jadakiss And Blaq Poet - Mama Ich Mach Gangsterap [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/rm8ht70dee31 | ZippyShare

King Keil Feat. Busta Rhymes - Takeover [Prod. By Shuko, Cuts By DJ Fast Cut] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/vvdeurneapie | ZippyShare

DJ Soko Feat. LAZ, Red Pill And Noveliss - Soko Flow [Prod. By Nameless] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/7dexqwkoqnpr | ZippyShare

Kazzie Feat. Fetty Wap – Rich Today [Prod. By Mr. Wonder]

https://tusfiles.net/xqmt7h7fdcwt | ZippyShare

WDNG CRSHRS (Quentin Miller And TheCoolIsMac) – PerfectTiming [Prod. By Cardo And Young Exclusive] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/41uzqb3yn370 | ZippyShare

Capo – Buckin [Prod. By DJ Kenn]

https://tusfiles.net/3mtiy4fk3jpd | ZippyShare

Silent Knight – Walking [Prod. By Audible Doctor] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/qb23buwtxdc8 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Corner Boy P’s new mixtape “RNS 2

Corner Boy P Feat. Curren$y - Wedding Ring [Prod. By 183rd] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/dnk3ugvvwkqp | ZippyShare

Corner Boy P Feat. Smoke DZA - Embarassing Us [Prod. By 183rd] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/cu61ze4osfqf | ZippyShare

Corner Boy P Feat. Smoke DZA And Blunt Smoker - Henny On The Rocks [Prod. By 183rd] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/ojq0t03wkbh6 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Defient Ent’s new mixtape “The Lock In

B.o.B Feat. Jake Lambo And Jaque Beatz - Chaos Pt. 2 [Prod. By B.o.B And Jaque Beatz] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/k8n3z1e9hfjg | ZippyShare

B.o.B Feat. Goldie, Playboi Tre And 5ive Mics - Coming Up In The City [Prod. By B.o.B] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/4yhxt5jtxv3t | ZippyShare

B.o.B Feat. Runway Richy, Young Dro, Goldie, Jake Lambo And BG Marco - Run Wit Us [Prod. By B.o.B] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/la2vscmx6kd7 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off OJ Da Juiceman’s new mixtape “OJ Da Juiceman Vs. Zaytoven

OJ Da Juiceman – 3 Pointer [Prod. By Zaytoven]

https://tusfiles.net/tznpvtwp74w9 | ZippyShare

OJ Da Juiceman – T.H.E.Y. [Prod. By Zaytoven]

https://tusfiles.net/0or2dcwmthhe | ZippyShare

OJ Da Juiceman – Work My Wrist [Prod. By Zaytoven]

https://tusfiles.net/rorunv7gcgn8 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Johnny May Cash’s new mixtape “True Story

Johnny May Cash Feat. Mike P – I Love These Bitches [Prod. By Young Chop] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/lnoi1xlb30ms | ZippyShare

Johnny May Cash – Mind Keep Racin [Prod. By Young Chop And Cbmix] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/nhs64s0myqif | ZippyShare

Johnny May Cash – Off It [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ And Zaytoven] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/xs15m9wxl2ps | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Johnny May Cash’s new mixtape “I’m My Favorite Rapper

Johnny May Cash Feat. BZMS - White On White [Prod. By Young Chop] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/r4p431hxwac7 | ZippyShare

Johnny May Cash Feat. YB And JRock - Pull Up Hop Out [Prod. By Young Chop And Chop Squad DJ] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/b3en15v3bx6q | ZippyShare

Johnny May Cash Feat. Rampage – Steal Or Rob [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ] (DJ)

https://tusfiles.net/hzooidmgiudh | ZippyShare


Just Juice – Lavish Life

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 29, 2015

01. The Wish [Prod. By 6ix]
02. Elevated [Prod. By Dream Life]
03. The Moment [Prod. By C-Sick]
04. Lavish (Feat. Logic And Mojo) [Prod. By C-Sick]
05. Catch Me [Prod. By C-Sick]
06. Life’s Short (Interlude) [Prod. By 6ix]
07. Champagne [Prod. By C-Sick]
08. Show Love (Feat. Dizzy Wright, Reeves of Aer And Mojo) [Prod. By C-Sick]
09. City To City (Feat. Hi-Rez) [Prod. By C-Sick]
10. Fascinated [Prod. By Dreamlife]
11. My World [Prod. By 6ix]
12. Raise Your Glass [Prod. By 6ix]

01. Do This Every Time [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ]
02. The Lick (Feat. Lil Dave) [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ]
03. I Need More [Prod. By Young J]
04. Earn It [Prod. By Haz Futcha]
05. Steal Or Rob (Feat. Rampage) [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ]
06. Finesser (Feat. King100James) [Prod. By Chop Squad]
07. Chasin These Comma’s
08. Pour Up [Prod. By Chop Squad]
09. All I Ever Wanted (Feat. Starzo) [Prod. By Cbmix]
10. Bye Bye [Prod. By Young K]
11. Must Be My Enemy (Feat. JRock) [Prod. By Chop Squad]
12. White On White (Feat. BZMS) [Prod. By Young Chop]
13. 36 (Feat. South) [Prod. By Haz Futcha]
14. Streets Love Me (Feat. YB) [Prod. By Chop Squad]
15. Pull Up Hop Out (Feat. YB And JRock) [Prod. By Young Chop And Chop Squad DJ]

https://tusfiles.net/ylvlw96tjkf7 | ShareBeast

01. Hating Niggas
02. Show You Some (Feat. Nino)
03. Holding [Prod. By Young J And PD]
04. I Love These Bitches (Feat. Mike P) [Prod. By Young Chop]
05. Thinking [Prod. By Fatman Productions]
06. She Say She Love Me (Feat. Blessed) [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ]
07. Inna Morning
08. I Did That [Prod. By Versus]
09. When I Wake (Feat. Nino) [Prod. By Versus]
10. When It Rains (Feat. Starzo) [Prod. By Young J]
11. Hard To See (Feat. YB And BMoe) [Prod. By Young J And J Flow]
12. Gotta Have It (Feat. Lil Dave And BMoe) [Prod. By Versus]
13. Mind Keep Racin [Prod. By Young Chop And Cbmix]
14. What You Wanna Do (Feat. Tae Flexxin) [Prod. By Fatman Productions]
15. Off It [Prod. By Chop Squad DJ And Zaytoven]
16. Glacier (Feat. Nod)
17. Same Shit (Feat. Chris Mille)
18. This For Da Real (Feat. J Rock)

https://tusfiles.net/lfgm5ekqhlyd | ShareBeast

01. Packs In
02. Work My Wrist
03. Geeked
04. Loco
05. 3 Pointer
06. Sky Miles
07. In Route
08. 9 To 5
09. Turn Fish
10. He Say She Say
11. On Me
12. Bricks And Bells
13. T H E Y
14. How Many

https://tusfiles.net/zkl77mkyii20 | ShareBeast

Defient Ent. – The Lock In

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 29, 2015

01. Scotty ATL And Spodee – 25 Lighters [Prod. By Jaque Beatz]
02. Scotty ATL – No Response (Feat. Zuse) [Prod. By !llmind]
03. B.o.B – Chaos Pt. 2 (Feat. Jake Lambo And Jaque Beatz) [Prod. By B.o.B And Jaque Beatz]
04. London Jae – The Hard Way (Feat. Runway Richy And Spodee) [Prod. By Lil C]
05. B.o.B – Coming Up In The City (Feat. Goldie, Playboi Tre And 5ive Mics) [Prod. by B.o.B]
06. SauceLord Rich – MADD (Feat. London Jae And Zuse) [Prod. By Fki]
07. London Jae – Regular (Feat. Jaque Beatz) [Prod. By Fki]
08. Goldie – Man On The Moon [Prod. By M16]
09. B.o.B – Run Wit Us (Feat. Runway Richy, Young Dro, Goldie, Jake Lambo And BG Marco) [Prod. By B.o.B]
10. Runway Richy – Sometimes (Feat. Spodee, KC And Lil Donald) [Prod. By DJ Montay]
11. 5ive Mics – Talk To Me (Feat. Runway Richy And Emmaline) [Prod. By The Democratz]
12. Goldie – Usual Suspect (Feat. Runway Richy And 5ive Mics) [Prod. By Natural Disaster]
13. Zuse – Matrix (Feat. Spodee And Goldie) [Prod. By Fki]
14. Nedlog Era – 500 XANZ [Prod. By FKi]

https://tusfiles.net/oszcau4z30q5 | ShareBeast

Corner Boy P – RNS 2

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 29, 2015

1. What’s Drank
2. Keepin’ Lean [Prod. By 183rd]
3. Still Throwed (Feat. Le$) [Prod. By 183rd]
4. Wedding Ring (Feat. Curren$y) [Prod. By 183rd]
5. Lil Big Tymer (Feat. T.Y.) [Prod. By 183rd]
6. Embarassing Us (Feat. Smoke DZA) [Prod. By 183rd]
7. Like the Way (Feat. Fiend And Roddy) [Prod. By 183rd]
8. Smoke Break (Feat. T.Y.) [Prod. By 183rd]
9. Henny On the Rocks (Feat. Smoke DZA And Blunt Smoker) [Prod. By 183rd]

https://tusfiles.net/wntgwoid727b | ShareBeast

01. Bobby Creekwater And Chan J – Know About Me
02. Justiine Speaks
03. Justiine And Bobby Creekwater – The Juice
04. Bobby Creekwater – People Up There
05. Jimmy Collins Speaks
06. Jimmy Collins – Bad Boy
07. Justiine Stand Up Straight
08. Chan J – The Mood
09. Bobby Creekwater – Views From The 3
10. Jimmy Collins And Bobby Creekwater – Interstellar
11. Chan J Speaks
12. Chan J And Jimmy Collins – Like That
13. Justiine And Chan J – Love To Dust
14. Chan J And Jimmy Collins – If I’m Being Honest

https://tusfiles.net/74b1g2xi2fa6 | ShareBeast

Audio Push – My Turn II

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 29, 2015

01. Shook1nes (Remix)
02. Commas (Remix)
03. Lil Bit (Remix)
04. Poppin (Remix)
05. Check (Remix)
06. You Know You Like It (Remix)

https://tusfiles.net/vh26nyas3qk4 | ShareBeast

Rosewood 2055 – Generation Y

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 29, 2015

Ockz Feat. Fred The Godson – Nautilus

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 29, 2015

0728. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Massive Trip on July 28, 2015

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | TusFiles

Roy Wood$ Feat. Drake - Drama (Dirty) [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/3zz0xp8td2g7 | ZippyShare

Roy Wood$ – Get You Good (Dirty) [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/hipkwodnuvm6 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Young Dolph’s new mixtape “16 Zips

Young Dolph Feat. T.I. - No Matter What [Prod. By TM88] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/865e2eu7akys | ZippyShare

Young Dolph Feat. Jadakiss - Addicted [Prod. By Drumma Boy] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/biclbqer23ba | ZippyShare

Young Dolph Feat. Slim Thug And Paul Wall - Down South Hustlaz [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/z8m9z2th5luj | ZippyShare

¡Mayday! – Ten Thirty Three [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/mdzyo1bkabhk | ZippyShare

Jerzee Feat. Joell Ortiz – House In NY [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/fm48mzi7mciw | ZippyShare

Mike G Feat. Earl Sweatshirt - Fuk It [Prod. By Left Brain] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/3dxe4enxfyf1 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Turk’s new mixtape “Get Money Stay Real 2

Turk Feat. B.G. - Ghetto Pass [Prod. By Street Kingz] (DJ) [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/v9pupoxkrl7v | ZippyShare

Turk Feat. MJG - Here We Go Again [Prod. By Jaye Neutron] (DJ) [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/xawk78h05g92 | ZippyShare

Turk Feat. Trae Tha Truth And Bo Deal – I Can’t [Prod. By Joey Did This] (DJ) [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/r6wndmnmfrj2 | ZippyShare

Baeza Feat. E-40 - Striktly Business

https://tusfiles.net/w8fg64kcp84q | ZippyShare

Dreezy Feat. K Camp – Ain’t Rocking With You [Prod. By Southside] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/pc80os2xsy77 | ZippyShare

Angel Haze – Impossible [Prod. By Tk Kayembe] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/i9zq9tsxv5ro | ZippyShare

Raven Felix – Get It From My Mama

https://tusfiles.net/ukbpxi2msxsv | ZippyShare

Shawn Chrystopher Feat. Buddy – Ok With Me [Prod. By The Triiiads]

https://tusfiles.net/v1l3ujlwtm83 | ZippyShare

Travi$ Scott – Antidote (CDQ) [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/fw6g86751jsm | ZippyShare

iTunes: https://tusfiles.net/gasyyvlndl8c | ZippyShare

Verbal Kent Feat. Freddie Gibbs – Suit Case Switch [Prod. By Apollo Brown] (CDQ) [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/6tn1cyri76x4 | ZippyShare

iTunes: https://tusfiles.net/q0jsrjxzh1dz | ZippyShare

Cory Gunz – New Shit [Massive Trip BLND] [VeryHot]

http://www.hulkshare.com/zs1lu6viterk ShareBeast

Talib Kweli Feat. Black Thought & Ab-Soul - Get A Church [Massive Trip BLND] [VeryHot]


Sheek Louch – Hood Gon’ Love It [Massive Trip BLND] [Hot]


Verbal Kent Feat. Freddie Gibbs - Suitcase Switch [Prod. By Apollo Brown] [VeryHot]

https://tusfiles.net/kff5bxzpvu55 | ZippyShare

Chedda Da Connect Feat. Kevin Gates And Scrilla – Whippin Up [Prod. By Deafh] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/9v065ndg19mr | ZippyShare

Grimass Feat. August Alsina – I’m That Boy

https://tusfiles.net/1y2grn00f43r | ZippyShare

Safaree – Lifeline (Meek Mill Diss)

https://tusfiles.net/o1stq01bfl7d | ZippyShare

AG Da Coroner – The Game Changer [Prod. By Statik Selektah] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/jn4so52v9olk | ZippyShare

Goodbye Tomorrow Feat. Lil Herb – NoOne Or Nothing [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/7we0gf4kx67n | ZippyShare

Superior Feat. Planet Asia – Rap Champion [Prod. By Superior, Cuts By DJ Sean] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/sy3jh8ogpkvc | ZippyShare

Scotty ATL Feat. Zuse - No Response [Prod. By !llmind] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/808519krsqow | ZippyShare

Scotty ATL Feat. Spodee - 25 Lighters [Prod. By Jaque Beats] [Hot]

https://tusfiles.net/l794qhyseyl2 | ZippyShare

JayTez Feat. Coco Kiss - Dumb [Prod. By DJ Montay]

https://tusfiles.net/lyqby3fdjkt7 | ZippyShare

Soufboi – Attitude [Prod. By M16 And Smitti Boi]

https://tusfiles.net/2pxslm1uy47f | ZippyShare


Young Dolph – 16 Zips

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 28, 2015

01. Boyz In Da Hood [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
02. Skit #1
03. 16 Zips [Prod. By DJ Squeeky]
04. Ask Your Bitch [Prod. By Zaytoven]
05. No Matter What (Feat. T.I.) [Prod. By TM88]
06. Skit #2
07. Money Power Respect [Prod. By Ensayne Wayne]
08. Back Against The Wall [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
09. They Watchin [Prod. By Zaytoven]
10. All She Wanna Do (Feat. Jayfizzle) [Prod. By DJ Squeeky]
11. Everyday 420 [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
12. Down South Hustlaz (Feat. Slim Thug And Paul Wall)
13. Addicted (Feat. Jadakiss) [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
14. Trap Nigga [Prod. By Izze The Producer]

https://tusfiles.net/4hc7b8x7dqv8 | ShareBeast

1. 2 Chainz – Where You Been (Feat. Cap 1) (Instrumental) [Prod. By Mike WiLL Made-It And Marz]
2. Two-9 – Where the Money at (Instrumental) [Prod. By Mike WiLL Made-It And Jbo]
3. Project Pat – Never Been A G (Instrumental) [Prod. By Mike WiLL Made-It And Pnasty]

https://tusfiles.net/gyninqqfipo2 | ShareBeast

01. DJ Scream Intro
02. 52 Bullets [Prod. By Jaye Neutron]
03. You Mad Yet (Feat. Lil Wayne) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
04. New Shit [Prod. By Jaye Nuetron]
05. Original Hot Beezy (Feat. Swazy) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
06. I Remember (Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
07. I Can’t (Feat. Trae Tha Truth And Bo Deal) [Prod. By Joey Did This]
08. Get Money Stay Real (Feat. Emani Da Made Woman And Swazy) [Prod. By Josh Did That]
09. Ballin’ Like A Hotboy (Remix) (Feat. Bankroll Fresh, Lil Wayne And Juvenile) [Prod. By Cassius Jay]
10. Wodie (Feat. Master P And Mitchy Slick) [Prod. By Jaye Neutron]
11. Ghetto Pass (Feat. B.G.) [Prod. By Street Kingz]
12. I Ain’t Goin’ (Feat. Big Mota And CEO Jeff) [Prod. By Jay Neutron]
13. Druggin’ And Thuggin’ [Prod. By Jaye Neutron]
14. Here We Go Again (Feat. MJG) [Prod. By Jaye Neutron]
15. She Wit It (Feat. Emil And Emani Da Made Woman) [Prod. By Cassius Jay And Zaytoven]
16. I Made It (Feat. Renae Taylor) [Prod. By Jaye Neutron]
17. You Mad Yet (Remix) (Feat. Cap 1, Maino And Grafh) [Prod. By JoeyDidThis]

https://tusfiles.net/abqklrjz2xw8 | ShareBeast

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