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July 2017
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T-Pain & Lil Wayne - T-Wayne

1. He Rap He Sang
2. Listen To Me
3. Damn Damn Damn
4. Waist Of A Wasp
5. Oh Yeah
6. Breathe
7. Snap Ya Fangas
8. Heavy Chevy | MediaFire

Half-A-Mil - Half-A-Mil 2

1. Big Tyme Intro
2. Green Light
3. Tupac
4. Avirex Leathers (Feat. B.Carr)
5. Ski Mask Way
6. Top Floor | MediaFire

The Bad Seed – Coreyography (Album Stream)

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on July 11, 2016

01. prelude – They Don’t Love You (prod by Tone Jonez)
02. 5 Minutes featuring PH (prod by Ves)
03. Malice (prod by Tone Jonez)
04. Django Unfiltered (prod by DP)
05. Black Hoodie (prod by NY Bangers)
06. Are They OK? (Heroes) (prod by Tone Jonez)
07. Pete Rock Interlude
08. Belt Off (prod by Nottz)
09. #keepbouncin ft. MIMS & Mic Handz (prod by Dr.No)
10. Caviar (prod by Dr.No)
11. King Shit/Queen Shit (prod by Tone Jonez)
12. She Lied To Me ft. MIMS & Mr. Sha (prod by Will Tell)
13. Get Along ft. Jerzey (prod by Tone Jonez)
14. Fuck Cancer (prod by NY Bangers)
15. Turn It Off (prod by Marco Polo)

01. Today Right Now
02. Daisies
03. This World
04. Notions
05. Peace of Mind
06. Choir Practice
07. Place Called Home
08. Can’t Win For Losin’
09. Roles
10. Heart Attack
11. Force Fed
12. Soul Searching
13. Unforgiven
14. Fair Weather

01. Introducing…
02. The Art of Saying No
03. Fool Proof Plan
04. PTSD
05. So Many Bad Songs
06. Do That For Me (Feat. Soul Khan)
07. If You Know
08. Bittersweet
09. Better
10. Indigo

1. I’m Almost There!
2. A Day In The Mind!
3. My Dream DeLIGHT!
4. Starcovered Nebula!
5. The Classy Voyagers!
6. You Beat Me To It! [Shia LaBeouf]
7. Bon Voyage SkyBlew!

K. Sparks – Seasons Theme (Album Stream)

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on March 1, 2016

01. Spring (Theme) [Prod. By Fero Navi]
02. Jazz Theory [Prod. By Kurser]
03. Make It Look Easy (Because) [Prod. By Moe Productions]
04. Summer (Interlude) [Prod. By Es-K]
05. Fake Is The New Real [Prod. By Moe Productions]
06. Come Again [Prod. By Kurser]
07. Brother (Calvin’s Song) [Prod. By Kurser]
08. Fall (Interlude) [Prod. By Es-K And Spellwrks]
09. Numbers [Prod. By Moe Productions]
10. So Cold (Feat. BxRod) [Prod. By Kurser]
11. #TRENDY [Prod. By Kurser]
12. Pardon My Back [Prod. By Kurser]
13. Winter (Interlude) (Feat. Jenn Tam) [Prod. By Es-K]
14. Him vs. Her (Seasons) [Prod. By Es-K]
15. Black Caesar [Prod. By Es-K]


01. iRap (Feat. Siri And DJ Nu Era)
02. Leaders of a Free World
03. There’s No Tomorrow Til You Wake Up
04. Rev Evolution
05. T.A.M.I.R.
06. Return of The Black Man (Feat. Talib Kweli, G. Huff And Will Blaze)
07. E.I.O. (Feat. Rapper Big Pooh And HiJinks)
08. Stayin’ Out the Way (Feat. Skyzoo)
09. The Cypher
10. 90s Sumthin (Feat. Hijinks)
11. Respect the Legends (Feat. King Magnetic)

01. Touching Bass intro
02. Heart And Soul (For Brubeck)
03. Dizzy Parking
04. So Potent
05. Highs And Lows
06. Manhã de Ausência
07. A.M Regions
08. ILL Equipped
09. Heading Wes’
10. Lessons (Break Time Pt.1)
11. The Room
12. Heart And Soul (For Brubeck) Instrumental
13. Don Shady
14. The Next Chapter (Thank YOU)

Neak – Paura/Amore (Album Stream)

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on December 29, 2015

01. King Deferred [Prod. By Powercut]
02. Stay Alive [Prod. By Slot-A]
03. Thank The Lord (Feat. GLC) [Prod. By Slot-A]
04. Sacrifice (Feat. Rashid Hadee) [Prod. By Rashid Hadee]
05. Money For The Honey [Prod. By Slot-A]
06. MMM [Prod. By Official Konseps]
07. EGO [Prod. By Slot-A]
08. The Loneliest World (Feat. NidaNasheeda) [Prod. By Slot-A]
09. Champagne Dreamin’ (Feat. MATHIEN, Sincerely Yours And F.A.B.L.E.) [Prod. By Mathien]
10. Heaven Vs. Hell [Prod. By Rashid Hadee]
11. Back In Chicago [Prod. By Rashid Hadee]
12. Superstar (Feat. F.A.B.L.E.) [Prod. By Slot-A]
13. Waited So Long (Feat. Rizzo) [Prod. By Thunderclaw]


Gone Wallace – The Dock Ellis EP

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on December 29, 2015

1. Fandango: The Signature Move [Prod. By Third3arDrum]
2. GXNE Explains It All / Swimmin’ [Prod. By Carizion]
3. 4 Tha Geeks [Prod. By Antoine Carraby]
5. Cuffing Season (They Love Dock) [Prod. By Lenny White]
6. Soul Rebel (Senzu Beans) [Prod. By E.N.G. CReation]
7. LISA2 [Prod. By E.N.G Creation, That’sJustQ And Jamie Starr]

Nametag Alexander – Taglines (EP Stream)

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on December 11, 2015

1. Favorite [Prod. By J. Quest]
2. La Da Da [Prod. By Nameless]
3. Battlegrounds (Feat. Journalist 103) [Prod. By DJ DDT]
4. Paper [Prod. By JR Swiftz]
5. Run It Back [Prod. By Nameless]
6. A.L.A.R [Prod. By Timestretch]

The IV League (Album Stream)

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on December 4, 2015

01. Shabaam Sahdeeq, TheKeenOne, EL Gant And EL Da Sensei – The IV League [Prod. By Jake Palumbo]
02. EL Da Sensei – Top Down [Prod. By P Original]
03. EL Gant, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ras Kass And Mighty Miss Rachel – Doomsday [Prod. By Poetiq Beetz]
04. 4rAx – Charles Bronson [Prod. By Bane]
05. EL Gant, TheKeenOne And Shabaam Sahdeeq – Take Flight [Prod. By Vanderslice]
06. Sam Solo – Maybe I’m Crazy
07. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ras Kass, EL Gant And Sam Solo – Soft Toy [Prod. By Snowgoons]
08. TheKeenOne – Opposite Of Up [Prod. By Buci]
09. Ras Kass And Shabaam Sahdeeq – Back Again [Prod. By Bill “Ill-informed” Leigh]
10. Sam Solo – – It’s Ours [Prod. By Atari Blitzkrieg]
11. EL Gant, Ras Kass And Shabaam Sahdeeq – Extraordinary Vets [Prod. By Snowgoons]


Cyssero – Switch Seats

Posted in: Uncategorized by Emi on October 1, 2015

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