maticulous – Mello 2 (Album Stream)

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1. Paint Brush (Feat. Lemar French)
2. Mood And Blue(s)
3. Closer (Remix) (Feat. The Audible Doctor)
4. Keep On 2.0
5. Keystone Sound (Feat. Lemar French)
6. 80s Baby (Feat. Lemar French)
7. Walk the Walk
8. Cloud Atlas (Feat. Folkland And Naf Keen)
9. Sunsets (Feat. The Audible Doctor And yU)

01. Attucks
02. Freedom (feat. Micah Robinson) [Directed by Red August]
03. So VIVID
04. Feels Good (feat. Valure)
06. Seems Like Heaven
07. Just Becuz
08. Paint The Town (feat. Kim Joyce) [Album Version]
09. Get The Money [Bonus Track]

K. Sparks – The Blue Tape 2 (EP Stream)

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01. Black Mona Lisa [Prod. By Jay Alpha And Al Dali]
02. Blue In June [Prod. By Jay Alpha, Scratches By DJ Bobby Bob]
03. Cleopatra (Tribe Tribute) (Feat. JD And Nation) [Prod. By Jay Alpha]
04. Nostalgia Nights (Feels Good) [Prod. By Jay Alpha]
05. Winters Theme (RIP Laura Hunter) (Feat. Monique Danielle) [Prod. By Jay Alpha]


01. Truth
02. Body The Beat (Feat. DJ Eclipse)
03. Hunched Over Chessboards (Feat. DJ Eclipse)
04. Now Or Never Pt. 1
05. Underrated?
06. Raponomics
07. Sound Of The Weapon
08. No Excuse
09. Now Or Never Pt. 2
10. Sammy Sosa
11. Slap The Shit Out Of You
12. Joe Shmoses
13. Now Or Never (Pt. 3
14. Sound Of The Weapon (9th Wonder Remix)

01. Stay Shinin (Feat. Talib Kweli)
02. Magnificent
03. Street Music (Feat. DJ Premier)
04. Somebody Told Me
05. Happiness (Feat. Mike Mass)
06. Days I’ve Never Known (Feat. Koi)
07. Sweet Music
08. Body Heat (Feat. Hometown Hero)
09. After Laughter
10. Star And The Sky (Feat. Skyzoo)
11. Im.possible
12. Sign Of Times
13. She’s A Star Interlude
14. Supadynasty


Bezz Believe – Punchlines Galore

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 Its no secret that i am a huge fan of Bezz Believe.. With an arsenal of lyricism, witty punchlines, razor sharp delivery, and humourous content Bezz Believe is in a class of his own wen it comes to independant MCs. Based in Orlando Florida Bezz has a well deserved solid fan base. His work ethic is very remarkable. Before I went to prison Bezz was either in the studio, or out marketing himself in every way you can think of! He has also been featured on my most of my mixtape series Bootleggers Made Me Famous, and the Strictly 4 Tha Ladies Mixtape that was hosted by myself and Snappa. If you look up Bezz Believe on youtube you will see how much work the Ginger Jewish MC has put in. With a couple Mixtapes under his belt including one hosted by DJ Smallz and DJ Scream, Bezz releases his latest project “Hercules” Which I will provide a link for here… 



Facebook Fan Page


YouTube Link

DEMOS Soundtrack (Stream)

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01.Skyzoo and Torae – The Get Up
02.El Prez – Sound Off
03.Wax – Chameleon
04.Tanya Morgan – Start It Up
05.King Mez – Demo
06.Rapper Big Pooh and Sha Stimuli – Do More Say Less
07.DJ Spintelect, Fashawn and Sham – Situations
08.Planet Asia and TriState – Front Runners
09.L. Lotto, DottieO and Joe Scudda – On My Shit
10.Supastition – Hunger
11.Raven Sorvino – Play My Demo
12.K. Sparks, Tina Quallo and Nation – My Song
13.Senior Class, Dasha and Leslie – Just To Be With You
14.Truck North – Save Us
15.Noni Spitz and Dae One – Hold You Down
16.ArtOfficial – Two Things
17.Chaundon – Listen


Bruce Almighty is Back

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Ok so after doing a quick little 18 months in Floridas Department of Corruption (Cough) I mean Corrections I am finally a free man again. Ive missed this music shit!! Bootleggers Made Me Famous Volume 5 is on the way!! If you are looking to be a part of it just hit me up and Email put Bootlegger Submission in the subject. This will not only be a internet mixtape!! We will be pressin up a few thousand coppies to pass out in Miami, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers… So Holla at me!!


K. Sparks – Self Portrait (Album Stream)

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J. Cole – Born Sinner (Album Stream)

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G.I. The General – Plug Life

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01. W.H.A.T
02. Feel Me
03. Pyrex (Feat. AR AB & Dark Lo)
04. That Pole
05. Ball Today
06. Flip Money
07. Jenny Craig
08. Hood Life
09. How 2 Get It (Feat. Yola Wayne
10. Everywhere I Go
11. My Panamera
12. Starin @ My Bottle
13. White Sugar (Feat. WOO)
14. Last Days
15. What It’s All About (Feat. PA Slik)
16. The Only One (Feat. Yola Wayne)
17. Motivation
18. Under Pressure
19. Raise Ur Weapon (Feat. D Black)
20. Fuck Wit Me

Wale Feat. Tiara Thomas – Bad

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Luxury Dutch – Faded Too Long

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