1126. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 26, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow [VeryHot]

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Chris Brown And Trey Songz – Dangerous (Remix) (Radio Rip) [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/e2cr5apjrkge | ZippyShare

Wash Feat. Trey Songz - Lonely [Prod. By Maejor And Chef Tone] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/h8bpqfwctets | ZippyShare

Vado Feat. Chinx - Doin My Thang [Prod. By Emmaculate And DollaBillKidz] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7guh8qg0z4ug | ZippyShare

Franc Grams Feat. Game And Jus Cuz – Power Of The Dollar [Prod. By Joe Milly] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/pow9ukgdekbi | ZippyShare

T-Pain – She Knows (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/inljccksii89 | ZippyShare

Raekwon – Try Me Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/2b3hlhpglzao | ZippyShare

Hit Skrewface Feat. Freddie Gibbs, G-Wiz And Fleezy Skywalker – Grippin Grain [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/myqhl9yzj1di | ZippyShare

DeJ Loaf, SAYITAINTTONE And Oba Rowland – Detroit Vs. Everybody (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/etfbafvswgjp | ZippyShare

Chip Feat. Blaze Servin – Dirty Dancing [Prod. By Sonny Digital] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/549r1etfc2j1 | ZippyShare

League Of Starz Feat. Marko Pen And Sage The Gemini – Throw It Back [Prod. By League Of Starz] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lh2ceqwciucs | ZippyShare

Shy Glizzy Feat. Lil Mouse - John Wall [Prod. By Young Chop]

http://www.sharebeast.com/cb72lhe05pro | ZippyShare

Richy Feat. Bankroll Fresh – 100 [Prod. By Dun Deal]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xq42lnc42ua6 | ZippyShare

King Magnetic – Our War [Prod. By Marco Polo] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/mkc8kp4lsemd | ZippyShare

Chaz Gotti – Million Dollarz [Prod. By London On The Track]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ba122iahdfnl | ZippyShare

Abrina Feat. Skeme – No Rules [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/oodmuy6owjs7 | ZippyShare

Magneto Dayo Feat. Fat Trel And Pop-A-Lot - EveryThing (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/1rgutywtp0nr | ZippyShare

Natasha Mosley – Make It Up [Prod. By FKi] [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/r3ev3utyyg6s | ZippyShare

Mishon Feat. Sage The Gemini – Touchdown [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/o30glfui6bw7 | ZippyShare

S Mogul – Social Unrest [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/qv9ldw4o6t96 | ZippyShare

Skippa Da Flippa – Chicken Coupe [Prod. By Cassius Jay]

http://www.sharebeast.com/g1cyheb61lfc | ZippyShare

Smoko Ono Feat. Rockie Fresh, Saba And Jarred AG – No Look [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lxx6kwdi296h | ZippyShare

Soulja Boy – Like Ugh

http://www.sharebeast.com/qp0fbwwoawg5 | ZippyShare

Soulja Boy – Ride With Me

http://www.sharebeast.com/uy50d6u1njhs | ZippyShare

Trademark Da Skydiver- The Return [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vqu654nu2r0f | ZippyShare

Wankaego – Make It Twerk

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1125. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 25, 2014

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A$AP Ferg – Talk It [Prod. By Clams Casino] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/glt612lt47lx | ZippyShare

Quavo (Of Migos) – Tha Truth [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/t5phymm6o1hx | ZippyShare

Chance The Rapper, Donnie Trumpet And The Social Experiment – Sunday Candy [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/o3aojzsavsfj | ZippyShare

Jordin Sparks Feat. 2 Chainz - Double Tap (DJ) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xa1uis3c9kng | ZippyShare

Apollo Brown And Ras Kass Feat. Sean Price And Bleu DaVinci – Impossible Dream [Prod. By Apollo Brown] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ycc7b70zrl7w | ZippyShare

3 tracks off The White Shadow’s new album “Ghost

The White Shadow Feat. Joell Ortiz And Ras Kass - Towering Inferno [Prod. By The White Shadow] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/eyhllwv4kb84 | ZippyShare

The White Shadow Feat. Prodigy, Mark Deez And Caustic Logic – Hip Hop Leaders [Prod. By The White Shadow] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/wa0e7kskjcnm | ZippyShare

The White Shadow Feat. KRS-One And Kool G Rap - Trouble Double [Prod. By The White Shadow] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/u4u75hia7r5i | ZippyShare

2 tracks off The Audible Doctor’s new “Can’t Keep The People Waiting

The Audible Doctor Feat. Astro And Hassaan Mackey - Chocolate Covered Liar [Prod. By The Audible Doctor] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/bfhzc6nnff36 | ZippyShare

The Audible Doctor Feat. Guilty Simpson - Leave Me Alone / Complication [Prod. By The Audible Doctor] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/9gglv6o0c3zz | ZippyShare

Lil Chuckee Feat. T-Pain - Do Me [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/d07hol3f9aq7 | ZippyShare

Lil Chuckee Feat. Ty Dolla $ign - When I Wake Up [Prod. By Ty Dolla $ign]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ptorvqh66had | ZippyShare

Tink – Tell The Children [Prod. By Timbaland] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/9aigab5oum9q | ZippyShare

Azad Right Feat. Joell Ortiz And SPNCR - Son Of Sam (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/14lm185pqmeh | ZippyShare

Skyzoo – PVLG Freestyle [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/4nbjatyvttro | ZippyShare

Ransom And Dark Lo – My Last Deeds (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/rdoojbxk6p8v | ZippyShare

Murda Mook – Only Nicki Freestyle [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/u78q68vtmaj8 | ZippyShare

Cocky Feat. Johnny Cinco - Let It Go [Prod. By Zaytoven]

http://www.sharebeast.com/a8bsqvo3y34f | ZippyShare

Scotty ATL – Five In The Mornin’ [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/zmf2nucesuhb | ZippyShare

Slicc Pulla – The Trapublican [Prod. By Smitti Boi] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/zce9rv0ohbw8 | ZippyShare

Berner – Thru [Prod. By AOne]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dilc1emojuv2 | ZippyShare

Chella H – Coco Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/2xtg9k0hlg7d | ZippyShare

Chubby Jag And Adios – CoCo Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/2sqv8cs3mofz | ZippyShare

G4 Boyz – Can’t Sit Wit Us

http://www.sharebeast.com/aukidnz0ey39 | ZippyShare

Rocky Diamonds – Hood Love Me [Prod. By Rocky Diamonds]

http://www.sharebeast.com/yhsr20vf5b3x | ZippyShare

Runt Dawg – Under Da Influence

http://www.sharebeast.com/s7ax4ql330wa | ZippyShare

Turk – You Mad Yet [Prod. By JoeyDidThat]

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1124. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 24, 2014

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Tinashe Feat. Jeezy - Pretend (Remix) [VeryHotRnB]

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3 tracks off Prodigy and Boogz Boogetz new album “Young Rollin Stonerz

Prodigy And Boogz Boogetz – Clouds [Prod. By League Of Starz] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/0duoqwdo8hqz | ZippyShare

Prodigy And Boogz Boogetz – Motion Picture [Prod. By J.C. Syn] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lxbol9x300u9 | ZippyShare

Prodigy And Boogz Boogetz – Queens [Prod. By Drew Skillz] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/hgw2e8b30weh | ZippyShare

Faith Evans Feat. Problem - Good Time [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/b41kchk8g1ol | ZippyShare

MJ Feat. GLC And Twista - Family First [Prod. By ADotTheGod] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/rilttdqd9l5q | ZippyShare

Devious Feat. Kevin Gates – You Sleep Out Here (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/t7im2gdjx8jn | ZippyShare

Jordin Sparks – How Bout Now (Remix) (DJ) [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dg65joy29dyn | ZippyShare

Tam Tam Feat. Keith Murray And Sadaday – Give Me The Beat (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/ds6osz4zb2wj | ZippyShare

Yung – Joogin’ [Prod. By Members Only]

http://www.sharebeast.com/1m99gxm4136p | ZippyShare

Ghostface Killah Feat. AZ – Blood In The Streets [Prod. By The 45 King And The Revelations] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/3if4ndkh2ha6 | ZippyShare

Gucci Mane Feat. Rich The Kid And OG Maco - Lowest [Prod. By Tarentino of 808 Mafia] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dwb6ev17eji4 | ZippyShare

Destructo Feat. Ty Dolla $ign And Warren G - Nobody Else [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ahs3zckf7f5v | ZippyShare

JMSN Feat. Freddie Gibbs – Street Sweeper (Remix) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ki4uvgroa6et | ZippyShare

Kevin Gates – Perfect Imperfection [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/w45i54sd3v5l | ZippyShare

Goody Gunz Feat. St. Basil - Is This The End [Prod. By Mazik Beats] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lwbqj175fayb | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Maino’s new album “K.O.B. 2

Maino Feat. Lil Durk - I Been

http://www.sharebeast.com/7kqsatn1heb2 | ZippyShare

Maino Feat. Uncle Murda, Tweezie And Dod – Tryna Get It [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/8kq3yjja78e7 | ZippyShare

Maino Feat. Busta Rhymes, Tweezie And Najee Omar – What More [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/bok3kolk87l4 | ZippyShare

Waka Flocka Flame And Gbaby Feat. J-Dubb – Hot Now

http://www.sharebeast.com/7ry0skmhqofg | ZippyShare

Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me

http://www.sharebeast.com/wgsve343ke6m | ZippyShare

Gwen Stefani – Spark The Fire [Prod. By Pharrell Williams]

http://www.sharebeast.com/b9yygcdwce7m | ZippyShare

K. Michelle – Going Under [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7r6jasdty1ia | ZippyShare

Webbie Feat. Foxx – Fuck Friends

http://www.sharebeast.com/lz2iky3hq4m8 | ZippyShare

Chuck Taylor Feat. DJ Paul – Alone

http://www.sharebeast.com/sfdhdop2ya3k | ZippyShare

Michael Uzowuru Feat. Vic Mensa And Donnie Trumpet – April 13th [Prod. By Michael Uzowuru] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/x6ptzzc9yoib | ZippyShare

Louie V Gutta – 6 God Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/rykff59fpff8 | ZippyShare

Soufboi – Rags 2 Riches [Prod. By Smitti Boi] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/un9qie5c6iz2 | ZippyShare


1123. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 23, 2014

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Lil Wayne Feat. Christina Milian – Start A Fire [VeryHot]

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Mark Ronson Feat. Mystikal – Feel Right [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/4s7zxyihjp7f | ZippyShare

Chubby Jag – No Type Freestyle [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vo05f1ygpwdk | ZippyShare

Young Chop – Ride

http://www.sharebeast.com/pfnhl62hgelu | ZippyShare

T-Boz Feat. Lil Wayne - Rebel Yell [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/f6qolepiib4g | ZippyShare

Tamar Braxton Feat. Wiz Khalifa - Bang Bang (DJ) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/72sf5nu6fhyc | ZippyShare

Tray Savage Feat. Fredo Santana - Trap [Prod. By Hurtboy AG]

http://www.sharebeast.com/f6hcicosgll0 | ZippyShare

Mike Jones – Let Me Show You

http://www.sharebeast.com/rs16dr4iu7f9 | ZippyShare

Poo Mack Feat. Lil Durk And Yung L.A. – #BadGuy [Prod. By Paris Beuller] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/upwzat0fa1gm | ZippyShare


1122. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 22, 2014

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Lil Durk Feat. French Montana – Ima Star [Prod. By Deezy And The The Mekanics] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/6q18joldi55s | ZippyShare

Mr. Marcelo Feat. Le$ And Curren$y - We Livin’ [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vsazdeot3sln | ZippyShare

K Camp – Coco Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/zxnvcycw61ub | ZippyShare

Foolie And Gusto Tha Animal Feat. Bobby Shmurda - Block Boy

http://www.sharebeast.com/bp2nxw98e37u | ZippyShare

Key! – Prophets With Profit [Prod. By Brandon Thomas]

http://www.sharebeast.com/yh5b1w4fq4zj | ZippyShare

Beyoncé Feat. Pharrell Williams – Blow (Remix) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/b4gpx1gucac2 | ZippyShare

¡MAYDAY! And Murs – Ready To Run [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fx9u4q7b7a2k | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Vstylez’s new album “At Odds Til I’m Even“ 

Vstylez Feat. Jon Connor And Guilty Simpson – Emotional [Prod. By MoSS] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/j4q1e361kiej | ZippyShare

Vstylez Feat. O.C. And Royce Da 5’9″ - First 2 Rise Pt. 2 [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/h19necltjlhy | ZippyShare

Vstylez Feat. Crooked I And Bumpy Knuckles - Rough, Rugged, Raw [Prod. By J Dilla] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/bkz1aki2id8c | ZippyShare

Chief Keef – Trust My Gun [Prod. By Chief Keef] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/vxd5a056hzez | ZippyShare

Snypa Ryfle Feat. Young Thug - Who The Fuck Iz You

http://www.sharebeast.com/g7x59e5o8zp8 | ZippyShare

Odd Couple Feat. Lil Durk And Alex Wiley - Everything

http://www.sharebeast.com/20y45omvmp1l | ZippyShare

NessaCary Feat. Paul Wall - They Watching (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/1gar1crgiv10 | ZippyShare

DJ Absolut Feat. Grafh And Bizzy Crook - Addicted 4 Life [Prod. By Frado] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/rpcnv4zltrde | ZippyShare

Dave East Feat. Tyler Woods – Dope [Prod. By Blacksaun And Tyler Woods] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/95ozglso2hje | ZippyShare

CBM Perry Boi And Doe B – Off The Floor [Prod. By Deezy And Beat Godz] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/458uoyz2pt5f | ZippyShare

OG Maco – Fat Fuck [Prod. By Ryu Alexi] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/nk63lhu4vmpn | ZippyShare

Lil Twist – S.A.B. (This For You)

http://www.sharebeast.com/4nlru0biw2iy | ZippyShare

Blaq Tuxedo And Roscoe Dash 2.0 – For The Record

http://www.sharebeast.com/7c9s4l4ra3l0 | ZippyShare

Ana Baby – Basic Training

http://www.sharebeast.com/fohwpr16wbb9 | ZippyShare

Chinx – Coco (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/kxvr4uvpra02 | ZippyShare

Cliff Po – Coco Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/hgtdb4mlmzfc | ZippyShare


1121. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 21, 2014

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Rick Ross Feat. French Montana – Headache [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/50n4g90bcjla | ZippyShare

Rick Ross – Wuzzup [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/up7ufd8stiky | ZippyShare

T-Pain – Coming Home [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/0faa0b51xkx2 | ZippyShare

The Neighbourhood Feat. French Montana – #icanteven [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/k0gjyt9xvovm | ZippyShare

Lil Durk – B.O.N. Freestyle (DJ) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/5xp1qxo3ftin | ZippyShare

Rich The Kid Feat. Migos And Skippa Da Flippa – Droppin A 100 [Prod. By Cassius Jay]

http://www.sharebeast.com/cgiiobvxrxjh | ZippyShare

G-Eazy – Achievement [Prod. By Christoph Andersson] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/396l15agvibo | ZippyShare

G-Eazy Feat. Kehlani – Get Away (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/roafq0ufptwj | ZippyShare

MILLA Feat. Iamsu! And Jonn Hart - Turn It Out [Prod. By Iamsu!]

http://www.sharebeast.com/psuw2qdom5xw | ZippyShare

Nappy Roots Feat. Scotty ATL - DeepEnd [Prod. By SMKA] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/55kwp4l3vubv | ZippyShare


1120. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 20, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Beyoncé – 7/11 [Prod. By Detail And Bobby Johnson] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vg60hhgbofy0 | ZippyShare

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Smoke DZA - The Sleaze (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/77pzc5ypr1o2 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Pitbull’s upcoming album “Globalization

Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown - Fun

http://www.sharebeast.com/5mb2kofvzx15 | ZippyShare

Pitbull Feat. Jason Derulo And Juicy J - Drive You Crazy

http://www.sharebeast.com/vk79pl88iv7b | ZippyShare

Pitbull Feat. Sean Paul - Ah Leke

http://www.sharebeast.com/o2tipdpd0mck | ZippyShare

Flying Lotus Feat. DOOM - Masquatch [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/uz8bqhn5wbag | ZippyShare

Goody Gunz – Pick N Choose [Prod. By JuicedUp Beats] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/42tpznsqv7er | ZippyShare

Fat Trel Feat. K Camp - These Niggas [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xfjtv5nb27fb | ZippyShare

Termanology Feat. Michael Christmas And Astro – I’m Good [Cuts By Statik Selektah]

http://www.sharebeast.com/9gfbi0qxa8jb | ZippyShare

David Guetta Feat. Skylar Grey - Rise

http://www.sharebeast.com/j7jqdmc12ia7 | ZippyShare

Gipp Feat. Bruno Mars - Sugar Cocoa Honey [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/w47f0886t9ro | ZippyShare

Gipp – Damn That Booty Big

http://www.sharebeast.com/vdpan2vjzd50 | ZippyShare

Alex Wiley – Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again) [Prod. By Blev] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/kxvls06zg3dk | ZippyShare

Michael Christmas Feat. Sir Michael Rocks - Bootleg Designer [Prod. By Goodwin]

http://www.sharebeast.com/i97y77hdz1uv | ZippyShare

Philosopha Feat. Really Doe - Dope [Prod. By LawBeatz]

http://www.sharebeast.com/26p6jumgyndk | ZippyShare

Rich Rocka – Dive In [Prod. By Hidden Faces] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/gz457ve616dr | ZippyShare

Rocky Diamonds – Not 2 Many I Trust [Prod. By 1Bounce]

http://www.sharebeast.com/mc49d09zppe7 | ZippyShare

Shawn Chrystopher – Came To Do Freestyle [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/h2onvkv1s4li | ZippyShare

Ghostface Killah Feat. AZ – Double Cross [Prod. By The Revelations] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/tf0lpb94t0uq | ZippyShare

Kirko Bangz Feat. Migos – Got It On Me [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/4116c7u7mymv | ZippyShare

Selah Sue Feat. Childish Gambino – Together [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/5sbw8qd54smf | ZippyShare

Havoc Feat. Vado - Best Of The Best (Remix) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/owci5logh46w | ZippyShare

Boldy James Feat. Peechie Green - 50 Foot Razor Blade [Prod. By Harry Fraud] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/998xnhigt9rb | ZippyShare

Tink Feat. Charlamagne Tha God – Around The Clock [Prod. By Timbaland] (Radio Rip) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/5qwnzierr605 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off the upcoming album “ShadyXV

Slaughterhouse (Royce Da 5’9″ And Crooked I) Feat. Eminem And Yelawolf - Psychopath Killer [Prod. By Just Blaze, Boi-1da And The Maven Boys] [XtremelyHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fjevckrzlawp | ZippyShare

Eminem Feat. Kobe - Die Alone [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/agnfkhe8sg40 | ZippyShare

Eminem – Fine Line [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/v8v1sqtq5196 | ZippyShare

Eminem – Lose Yourself (Demo Version) [XtremelyHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/hvtffyavuz8l | ZippyShare

Crooked I – Freestylin Under Oath [Prod. By Tabu] [XtremelyHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/v0rek9h4dw3g | ZippyShare

Iggy Azalea Feat. Jennifer Hudson - Trouble [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7hijk89z3g26 | ZippyShare

Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug And Yung Deuce – 3 Grams [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/rnn18pj7onuv | ZippyShare

Ballout Feat. Chief Keef, Tadoe And Terintino – Gang Members (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/x4he1j5gnw6l | ZippyShare


1119. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 19, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Kickstand Feat. iLoveMakonnen - Stay Alert [Prod. By 808 Mafia]

http://www.sharebeast.com/04xi16kzrt2n | ZippyShare

Freddie Gibbs And Mike Dean – Sellin’ Dope [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/6t2g6762l23w | ZippyShare

Hudson Mohawke Feat. Pusha T, Future, French Montana And Travi$ Scott - Chimes (Remix) (Dirty|No DJ) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/13xa0czumxam | ZippyShare

BJ The Chicago Kid Feat. Schoolboy Q - It’s True [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/0nqgn7li2sum | ZippyShare

Wu-Tang Clan (Cappadonna, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah And GZA) – Necklace [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/wctmnt0tv5mu | ZippyShare

Tink Feat. Rick Ross And Jay Z – Movin’ Bass (Original Version|Radio Rip) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ji9gv14mq9jy | ZippyShare

DJ Skizz Feat. Your Old Droog, Sean Price, Lil Fame And Milano Constantine - Hot Breath [VeryHot] 

http://www.sharebeast.com/w3krfde1jgo3 | ZippyShare

Chamillionaire – Don’t Make Me / Swangin [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/p8vl9aapjdc9 | ZippyShare

David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj And Afrojack - Hey Mama (Full)

http://www.sharebeast.com/usc0whszbqdg | ZippyShare

Hudson Mohawke Feat. Future, Pusha T, French Montana, And Travi$ Scott – Chimes (Remix) (Radio Rip) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/mxsb9jsgnz3t | ZippyShare

DJ OuttaSpace Feat. Problem, Waka Flocka Flame, Cap 1 And Natasha Mosley - Till It’s Gone [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/tm6n0gz8qmqd | ZippyShare

SZA – Sobriety [Prod. By Chris Calor, Cody, Thundercat, LoveDragon And Sounwave] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/92q7c8gf5xa0 | ZippyShare

Tyler, The Creator – Diaper

http://www.sharebeast.com/1m9ysfu0ns2i | ZippyShare

Flying Lotus Feat. Krayzie Bone – Medication Meditation [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/cdri1v7kgch8 | ZippyShare

Demrick And Cali Cleve Feat. Xzibit And Bad Lucc - Naked Eye [Prod. By 21 The Producer] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/r1oucwpc619i | ZippyShare

Dusty McFly Feat. Jon Connor – Til Da World Blow [Prod. By Jerry Parker] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/80m4yjngcf0d | ZippyShare

Dusty McFly Feat. Kirko Bangz And Maejor Ali - Don’t Be Afraid [Prod. By Brody Brown] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/2n6qna00v72g | ZippyShare

Offset (Of Migos) Feat. Domingo And Mango - Oprah Winfrey [Prod. By Phenom Da Don] 

http://www.sharebeast.com/4blutd9zwgh8 | ZippyShare

Gillie Da Kid Feat. Jeremih – Tattoo [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ibub6aweugvu | ZippyShare

Pitbull Feat. Gente De Zona – Piensas (Dile La Verdad)

http://www.sharebeast.com/m0v04lqxmt0p | ZippyShare

Stackzz Feat. Cap 1 – No Pressure [Prod. By Chophouze] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/kr7itcrdcpuy | ZippyShare

Johnny May Cash Feat. Sonny – Counting Up

http://www.sharebeast.com/pbcf60irjxtn | ZippyShare

Jose Guapo – Don’t Believe The Hype [Prod. By Sizzle Of 808 Mafia]

http://www.sharebeast.com/2ka83oe1sydr | ZippyShare


1118. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 18, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Thelonious Martin Feat. Curren$y And Domo Genesis - Atlantis [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xsms4nvj1twk | ZippyShare

Pusha T – Lunch Money [Prod. By Kanye West] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xbvdb0ud3u6b | ZippyShare

K. Michelle Feat. Meek Mill - Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/qxkozpixornv | ZippyShare

Young Chris Feat. Beanie Sigel And Guordan Banks - Legends Never Die [Prod. By Cardiak] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/jq7iowoehc9w | ZippyShare

CunninLynguists, The Grouch And Eligh – Only The Past [Prod. By Kno] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/tcdrtktsoypd | ZippyShare

Kirk Knight And Dyemond Lewis – Extortion [Prod. By Kirk Knight] (Dirty) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/nlqclsy33oih | ZippyShare

V.I.C. Feat. Waka Flocka Flame And LiveLikeDavis - Throw That Butt

http://www.sharebeast.com/azum96f337fl | ZippyShare

SRH Feat. Mike Posner – Got That [Prod. By FrankMusik] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/kxkcrgxa1tey | ZippyShare

Yuna Feat. G-Eazy - Lights And Camera (Remix) [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/nu419nfof4s0 | ZippyShare

Cash Us King Feat. Blu And Yamin Semali - Buddah Bless [Prod. By Brizzo] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ue5hey1f27oc | ZippyShare

Chef Feat. Young Scooter And Peeto The Plug – Got It On Me (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/p496wcyxykpv | ZippyShare

Chubbie Baby Feat. Ca$h Out - Mayweather

http://www.sharebeast.com/b60vzpau88b4 | ZippyShare

Nefew Feat. STS Gold - Fresh [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/qdcf1anhcts8 | ZippyShare

Bobby Creekwater – Rudeboi [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/e044nlir3ezb | ZippyShare

Chella H – Lying [Prod. By The Fre3shmen]

http://www.sharebeast.com/0zhb7a8np7w1 | ZippyShare

Gino Marley – Wat If

http://www.sharebeast.com/du6ovukblg63 | ZippyShare

Jay Burna Feat. Maine Event - CoCo (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/x44od0go19jr | ZippyShare

Riff Raff – Coco (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/c69wqe9kaip6 | ZippyShare

Joe Galaxy Feat. Pitbull, Renegade Foxxx And Micheaa - Walk It

http://www.sharebeast.com/wf7ww56w02xp | ZippyShare

Franc Grams – For The Kill 2 [Prod. By Lando Beats] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/0a1musxpgr6k | ZippyShare

Rome Fortune – Nasty [Prod. By TM88]

http://www.sharebeast.com/kjgng7hm0amr | ZippyShare

Jimmy Johnson Feat. Jay Whiss And Donnie – I Heard [Prod. By Eric Dingus]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ydm591rigb9c | ZippyShare

Alex Wiley – Lil Stoner Boy [Prod. By Taylor Young And Carter Lang]

http://www.sharebeast.com/42nehxg5ihe6 | ZippyShare

Scott King – No Regrets [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/9zf7zxuj8y7x | ZippyShare

Chox-Mak Feat. DJ YRS Jerzy – Tuesday [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ag0q2dtpq4y9 | ZippyShare

Fly Boyz Team – Anything You Want [Prod. By K.E. On The Track]

http://www.sharebeast.com/8jh99a9vmpbf | ZippyShare

NephLon Don Feat. Interstate Snake And DJ YRS Jerzy - Trappin 4 A While

http://www.sharebeast.com/r9obl7jhq1du | ZippyShare

Pia Mia – Fuck With You [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dj5momdq6yap | ZippyShare

Prince Alexander – Realist Shit I Ever Wrote [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/a9p09g0obwyb | ZippyShare


1117. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 17, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Guy Sebastian Feat. Lupe Fiasco - Linger (CDQ) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/na6i1nilrqee | ZippyShare

Avery Storm – #WitHer [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/e79zdo5hbawj | ZippyShare

Sasha Go Hard – Bricks

http://www.sharebeast.com/5n43vraq6gls | ZippyShare

Gunplay Feat. Peryon J Kee And Young Breed – Swangin [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/2zo2j1jgkfe5 | ZippyShare

Hell Rell – Fight Night Freestyle

http://www.sharebeast.com/pfjucb71lgdb | ZippyShare

Troy Ave – Coco (Remix)

http://www.sharebeast.com/qmyx1ancvf58 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Rick Ross upcoming album “Hood Billionaire

Rick Ross Feat. Big K.R.I.T. - Brimstone [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/rjcejojqd584 | ZippyShare

Rick Ross – Phone Tap [Prod. By Cardiak] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ge578rt2gmhw | ZippyShare

Rick Ross – Neighborhood Drug Dealer [Prod. By Metro Boomin] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/p9eqpcqpzeag | ZippyShare

2 tracks off M.O.P.’s upcoming EP “Street Certified

M.O.P. – Hustle [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/1hxs1zrwv4yh | ZippyShare

M.O.P. Feat. Maino - Welcome 2 Brooklyn [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/my1rvm99qgjh | ZippyShare

Boston George And Lil Lody – Figure Me Out

http://www.sharebeast.com/gcav5t2ah7ar | ZippyShare

Rich Espy Feat. Rich The Kid – Easter Pink [Prod. By MPC Cartel]

http://www.sharebeast.com/l87987y7skei | ZippyShare

Rick Gonzalez Feat. Kool G Rap – A Prayer For Perspective [Prod. By Dan Freeman] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/2rwhkg6xpbw6 | ZippyShare

Sosay Feat. Travis Porter - Hope 

http://www.sharebeast.com/ygu1e0chlukn | ZippyShare

Young Buck Feat. 50 Cent And Tony Yayo – Bring My Bottles [Prod. By Swiff D] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fbq1i6wzhbhv | ZippyShare

Boosie Badazz Feat. Rich Homie Quan - Like A Man [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/huws7r078r6n | ZippyShare

Chris Brown Feat. Kid Ink - Love Me No More [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/z2c1t6bbm0zy | ZippyShare

Ghostface Killah Feat. Kool G Rap, AZ And Tre Williams - Battlefield [Prod. By The Revelations And Fizzy Womack] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/gbzccgxw202z | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Havoc’s upcoming album “13 Reloaded

Havoc Feat. Cormega - Fallen Soldiers [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/zb9hj41r3u79 | ZippyShare

Havoc Feat. Mysonne - Tear Shit Up [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/rotrec4y5mcz | ZippyShare

Havoc Feat. Prodigy - Uncut Raw [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/l2bl1un9agnz | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Your Old Droog’s upcoming album “Your Old Droog

Your Old Droog – 48th Street [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/23drdn6b9d6r | ZippyShare

Your Old Droog – Bad To The Bone (Remix) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/la4u3lh86n27 | ZippyShare

Your Old Droog – Loosey In The Store With Pennies (Extended Version) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/r9aqex7p4xy1 | ZippyShare

3 tracks off SD’s new album “Truly Blessed

SD – Clockwork [Prod. By Sonny Digital And B Wheezy]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vo5bfeeemfjy | ZippyShare

SD – Confident [Prod. By Sonny Digital]

http://www.sharebeast.com/1cl0xtp6z34k | ZippyShare

SD – Gossip [Prod. By Yung Lan]

http://www.sharebeast.com/xu86sofisbf3 | ZippyShare

K. Michelle – How Do You Know [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/001yzq54k5tq | ZippyShare

S.B.O.E. Feat. French Montana, Quiz, Frezzy, Young Lito And Fabdon – Aint Gonna (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/5bnji1v0kk2w | ZippyShare

OJ Da Juiceman And Criminal Manne – Mama Cry [Prod. By Lil Lody]

http://www.sharebeast.com/d1q330lxgojb | ZippyShare

King Ray Feat. Young Scooter - Money [Prod. By Lewi V Beatz] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/uzk1tfvo1he2 | ZippyShare

Amir Driver Feat. Trigga Trey Stacks – C.T.C [Prod. By J.Clyde] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/wzbfs50rnui2 | ZippyShare

Chase N. Cashe – T.Y.B [Prod. By Chase N. Cashe]

http://www.sharebeast.com/pt0nemf4xt4s | ZippyShare

G4 Boyz Feat. Flexxheem - Bandz [Prod. By ICMB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/l865zcs11pbr | ZippyShare

Dax – Mocking Bird Freestyle [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/nig1bkuywr4c | ZippyShare

Jalen Santoy Feat. Gliss – GOD [Prod. By The Nukez] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/2734pkk4ssft | ZippyShare

SoufBoi – Never Had [Prod. By Smitti Boi] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/nz3i0pp8px3g | ZippyShare

Turl$ Feat. Pronto - Cold [Prod. By E.Wonder] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7blcbo735amt | ZippyShare


1116. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 16, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

3 tracks off R.F.C.’s upcoming album “The Outsiders

R.F.C. (Smoke DZA And Al-Doe) – Harvey Dent [Prod. By Jahlil Beats] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fa3lkosa9wfd | ZippyShare

R.F.C. (NymLo And Bluntsmoker) Feat. Chevy Woods - R.F.C. Meets Taylor Gang [Prod. By 183rd] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lhot3qcpypmb | ZippyShare

R.F.C. (Smoke DZA, Al-Doe And NymLo) – R.I.D.G.A.F. [Prod. By Cardo] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/omj1ccfrzbht | ZippyShare

Guy Sebastian Feat. Lupe Fiasco – Linger [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ndzus3u0s3qb | ZippyShare

Rick Gonzalez Feat. Rapsody - From Now On [Prod. By Dual Output] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/50iwhln4czuc | ZippyShare

Project Pat Feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa And Wale – Twerk It [Prod. By K.E. On The Track] (Clean) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fy8gfdna961m | ZippyShare

Usher – Clueless [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/58sapms2m071 | ZippyShare

Ballout Feat. Lil Reese And Tadoe – Can’t You Tell [Prod. By Chief Keef] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/4britm6lek5c | ZippyShare

Kevin Gates Feat. August Alsina - I Don’t Get Tired [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/olvtu1c50zjh | ZippyShare

fR€$H (aka Short Dawg) – Cop Cars [Prod. By Cardo] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7xib2lhyfu3s | ZippyShare

Young Thug And Khrome Feat. Lucci Santiago - Amnesia

http://www.sharebeast.com/dp267rjsykzt | ZippyShare

Supastar LT Feat. Young Thug And  JLima - I’m On It 

http://www.sharebeast.com/pfpma3fz8aze | ZippyShare

Nicki Minaj Feat. Skylar Grey - Bed Of Lies (Full|CDQ) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/x8amix2gtw8p | ZippyShare

A$AP Ferg – Doe-Active [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/oij9h8dx65up | ZippyShare


1115. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 15, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Ty Dolla $ign – Stand [Prod. By Diplo And DJ Dahi] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/hk4xyfdyf3cn | ZippyShare

A$AP Ferg – Perfume [Prod. By Philo$ Cult] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/wsregsi6hhx9 | ZippyShare

Flying Lotus Feat. Kendrick Lamar - Eyes Above (Live)

http://www.sharebeast.com/adv29tpyotr5 | ZippyShare

Problem Feat. Lil Jon – Andale [Prod. By Jahlil Beats] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/3c2at36vdlyv | ZippyShare

Common, Malik Yusef, Kumasi, Aaron Fresh, Choklate And Laci Kay – Trouble In The Water [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ynh3otnbymha | ZippyShare

Bobby Brackins Feat. Mila J, Choice And Terrace Martin – Hot Box (Remix) [Prod. By DJ Mustard] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/yug1mbochtoa | ZippyShare

Iggy Azalea Feat. Ellie Goulding – Heavy Crown (1 Min. Snippet)

http://www.sharebeast.com/896syo6kyonz | ZippyShare

Anjali World Feat. Tyga – Nobody [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ser2dgfmh9fw | ZippyShare

Migos And Skippa Da Flippa – Trenchez [Prod. By Murda Beatz] (No DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/6wzxn0pjpeqc | ZippyShare

SBOE Feat. Yo Gotti - Better Than Them (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/dhf884jl50zs | ZippyShare

Cocky Feat. Gucci Mane – Orange [Prod. By Zaytoven] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/ml35thshh6lx | ZippyShare

Maino Feat. O Wave - Militant

http://www.sharebeast.com/7on5r1cs7bpo | ZippyShare

Chedda Da Connect Feat. Bun B – Dunk On Em [Prod. By June James]

http://www.sharebeast.com/k4zp0hocwg0b | ZippyShare

ESCOE Feat. 8Ball And MJG – Candy Drippin’ [Prod. By Drumma Boy] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/6geogfd278hy | ZippyShare

Jay Sean – All I Want [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/i09i745r5t3t | ZippyShare

Jon Dubb Feat. Jarren Benton – Don’t Know [Prod. By Nick Hubbell] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/menjdsypaurl | ZippyShare

Lagato Shine Feat. Bishop Lamont - Cardinal Rule [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/kibvf1f48b0s | ZippyShare

Slawda Feat. Rich The Kid – Money Team

http://www.sharebeast.com/9kuhrv2unhrx | ZippyShare

Kash Doll Feat. TeeTee - 304 [Prod. By Bizness Boi]

http://www.sharebeast.com/siez2tu074i8 | ZippyShare

K’Valentine – IDFWU (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/4qh1cl01bqch | ZippyShare

Ya Boy Rich Rocka – Lost Her

http://www.sharebeast.com/tfpubble7boa | ZippyShare

Yung Mazi – Falcon

http://www.sharebeast.com/ees4rk7ombcr | ZippyShare


1114. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 14, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

B.o.B And Bankroll Fresh – Candler Road Shit [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/yb28hcqdogxh | ZippyShare

Young Buck Feat. Jigg - Warrior [Prod. By Nard And B] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/a5lp76ve0mog | ZippyShare

Vado – I Know [Prod. By Dolla Bill Kidz] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dyaf53huwvxz | ZippyShare

A-1 Super Group Feat. Juicy J And Iamsu! – Everywhere We Go (Remix) [Prod. By C4]

http://www.sharebeast.com/7l7hqieztj0f | ZippyShare

Nino Bless – How Many Mics Freestyle [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/4kp6m9u3fkjj | ZippyShare

Key! Feat. OG Maco – Give ‘Em Hell [Prod. By Brandon Thomas]

http://www.sharebeast.com/anjeimmic6rq | ZippyShare


1113. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 13, 2014

Download All Songs In 1 Link HERE | MediaFire

Lil Wayne Feat. Flow - Day Off [Prod. By X Fyle] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/36kfkdaozmde | ZippyShare

David Guetta Feat. Nicki Minaj And Afrojack - Hey Mama (1:30 Snippet)

http://www.sharebeast.com/pf1fresrxpr9 | ZippyShare

Rick Ross Feat. Yo Gotti - Trap Luv [XtremelyHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/lfur4uk35eym | ZippyShare

DJ Absolut Feat. M.O.P. And Chris Rivers – New York Giants 2 [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/homtgzpzw7cn | ZippyShare

Black Dave Feat. Waka Flocka Flame - High In The Morning [Prod. By Mr. Green] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/z63s7bdsl1h3 | ZippyShare

Ron Browz Feat. Tony Yayo - Handle It 

http://www.sharebeast.com/hd9rmc52fabz | ZippyShare

3 tracks off Plies new mixtape “Da Last Real Nigga Left 2

Plies – Know What I’m Sayin [Prod. By Zaytoven]

http://www.sharebeast.com/6mz96n5wrdye | ZippyShare

Plies – Real In Da Field [Prod. By Sonny Digital] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/pz70bfatxdki | ZippyShare

Plies – Strapped [Prod. By League Of Starz]

http://www.sharebeast.com/h3efu5vx8fgo | ZippyShare

Snoh Aalegra Feat. Common And Killer Mike - Bad Things (DJ EMI Remix) [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/i293bqjtptwh | ZippyShare

Nas And AZ – The Season (Mikeill Remix) [XtremelyHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/omkyfv46212x | ZippyShare

Ludacris – Money Counter Freestyle [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/x5ye9h4jp0fa | ZippyShare

3 tracks off the upcoming album “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 (Soundtrack)

Stromae Feat. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip And HAIM - Meltdown [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/76rxzp4ge560 | ZippyShare

Tinashé – The Leap [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ipo0dpiawsc0 | ZippyShare

Major Lazer Feat. Ariana Grande - All My Love [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/r5a7parr2xts | ZippyShare

2 tracks off Iamsu!’as upcoming album “Sincerely Yours 1.5

Iamsu! Feat. French Montana And Yo Gotti – Only That Real (Remix) [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/u7q89qsbrepc | ZippyShare

Iamsu! Feat. Project Pat - Aiight [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/bcg81nu06uz5 | ZippyShare

Netta Brielle Feat. Iamsu! - 3xKrazy (Remix) [HotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dg2vldovqnol | ZippyShare

R.F.C. (Smoke DZA And Al-Doe) Feat. Dom Kennedy - MalVerde [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/jy4cy1tpkq6j | ZippyShare

Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo – Time Of Our Lives

http://www.sharebeast.com/2mzm8ml0is8z | ZippyShare

Bishop Lamont – Get ‘Em [Prod. By Paul Cabbin]

http://www.sharebeast.com/vykautwk5qyp | ZippyShare

Gloss Da Boss – N.A.S. (Niggas Aint Shit) [Prod. By DJ Mustard] (DJ)

http://www.sharebeast.com/g1d44tse6sox | ZippyShare

Big Punisher And Chris Rivers – Super Lyrical (Remix) [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/h9alilxds8i3 | ZippyShare

Shy Glizzy Feat. Bobby Shmurda - Celebration [Prod. By Zaytoven]

http://www.sharebeast.com/achddl5qdibh | ZippyShare

Quan Feat. Emilio Rojas - 17 [Prod. By Audio Jones] [VeryHot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/s8h9l6e59rk9 | ZippyShare

Curt Digga, Tony Yayo And MC Lotto – Wish A Nigga Would (Remix) [Prod. By Whizzkid Productions]

http://www.sharebeast.com/ztspyj78etak | ZippyShare

RyattFienix – I Ain’t Complaining [Prod. By WLPWR For SupaHotBeats] [VeryHotRnB]

http://www.sharebeast.com/dpatubj9g4eg | ZippyShare

Vic Spencer – Pork Chops [Prod. By Tony Stanza] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/feas11ghpxbs | ZippyShare

Praverb Feat. AWKWORD, Kev Turner And DJ Grazzhoppa – All A Dream [Prod. By LX Beats] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/n0f61gm5ver0 | ZippyShare

David Cash – Alienation [Prod. By DC Beatz] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/04tzf0y547ou | ZippyShare

Ed E. Ruger – Fallout [Prod. By Phillie Phresh] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/q0svwemwh8bq | ZippyShare

Juan Don – Cerebral [Prod. By Philos Cult] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/js0ctc68jpgv | ZippyShare

KidCali – F.S.A (Fuck Sorries And Apologies) [Prod. By MLB] [Hot]

http://www.sharebeast.com/pyjj7n1b6ks9 | ZippyShare

MPA Wicced Feat. Emilio Rojas – Lil Homie [Prod. By Mercy]

http://www.sharebeast.com/fyjo9pjv466s | ZippyShare

Ralfy Rodriguez – Like The Weather

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Red Eye – 24 Barbarian Pt. 7 [Prod. By DJ Tray]

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The Team – Off Top [Prod. By ShoNuff]

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