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April 2017
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Wale – Before I SHiNE

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on March 15, 2017

Wale - Before I SHiNE

01. Heisman Watch
02. Groundhog Day (J. Cole Response)
03. Black Is Gold
04. Her Wave
05. Folarin Like
06. You Got It Freestyle
07. Pull Up Hop Out Freestyle
08. Treat Yourself (Feat. Eric Bellinger)
09. Stay Winning (Feat. Afro B And Sneakbo)
10. Shape Of You (Remix)
11. Soke Freestyle | MediaFire


DJ Easy - Easy Listening Vol. 17 (hosted by Ty Nitty) a
DJ Easy - Easy Listening Vol. 17 (hosted by Ty Nitty) b

01. Ty Nitty – Intro
02. Ty Nitty & Vinny Thunn – Stand Up (ft. Ty Fetti)
03. The French Touch – Y.E.S. (prod. by Odweeyne)
04. Trav Williams – Debt (ft. Sha Stimuli)
05. Cayoz – Out The Box (ft. Vandalism, Add-2 & DJ Grazzhoppa prod. by Cool FD)
06. Knightstalker – Daily Grind (ft. Ty Nitty)
07. Ty Nitty – speaks
08. Ty Nitty – They Don’t Love Me
09. Lyfe Crisis – Proper Spitting (ft. Saigon)
10. Apokalips – MC’s Get Slain (prod. by Bjorn Von Kalt)
11. Ty Nitty – speaks
12. General Steele – Unforgettable
13. Theo3 – 4 The Loved Ones (prod. by Scam)
14. Nature – This Is Easy (feat. Royal Flush & Prodigy of Mobb Deep)
15. U.G. – You Already Snow (ft. Celph Titled)
16. Ty Nitty – speaks
17. Ty Nitty – QB To Southside (ft. Paprazzi Pone)
18. Ras Kass – Etc… (Remix ft. Joell Ortiz)
19. Mickey Factz & Nottz – 414 Words
20. Dynasty – One Day
21. Saigon – Blessings (Pro Gun Anthem)
22. A.Dash – The Saint (ft. Stan Michael)
23. L.E.O. – Oh No.. All Wrong (prod. by Rayne Supreme)
24. Ty Nitty – speaks
25. Ty Nitty – 20 Years Later
26. Lex N.Y.R.E – Inner Thoughts (ft. Spit Gemz prod. by J57)
27. Malone – Dream Big (Remix ft. Ismael Ish Sankara prod. by Nya)
28. BK Cashmere – All I Need (EXCLUSIVE)
29. Ty Nitty & Vinny Thunn – Working (ft. Ty Fetti)
30. Ty Nitty – Outro

K Camp – K.I.S.S. 4

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on March 8, 2017

K Camp - K.I.S.S. 4
K Camp - K.I.S.S. 4 (Back)

1. All I Needed [Prod. By Remy]
2. F W Y B [Prod. By Bobby Kritical And Musik MajorX]
3. Come With A Price [Prod. By Musik MajorX]
4. Exhausted [Prod. By Remy]
5. Naked [Prod. By Bobby Kritical]
6. Motives [Prod. By Bobby Kritical]
7. Made Time [Prod. By Musik MajorX]
8. Invitation (Feat. Asiahn) [Prod. By DeeMoney Beats And Dimuro] | MediaFire


Trev Rich – To Make A Long Story Short

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on March 8, 2017

Trev Rich - To Make A Long Story Short

01. Intro
02. Payback
03. Juice (Feat. Villz)
04. Stay That Way
05. Not No Mo (Regular)
06. Lies
07. Repeat
08. Boys Don’t Cry
09. Zone
10. Hit The Button
11. Unappreciated
12. Outro
13. Flex Sumn | MediaFire


Ar-Ab – Protocol Vol. 1

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on March 8, 2017

AR-AB - Protocol Vol. 1
AR-AB - Protocol Vol. 1 (Back)

01. Intro
02. Nobody Safe (Feat. Lihtz Kamaraz) [Prod. By Battman]
03. Out Da Bowl [Prod. By Stacks Beatsz]
04. All Up (Feat. No Brakes Bras) [Prod. By Tony Bruce]
05. Going Away (Feat. Shady Black) [Prod. By Stacks Beatsz]
06. Count It [Prod. By Stacks Beatsz]
07. Get It Right [Prod. By Tony Bruce]
08. Without Me [Prod. By Mike D]
09. All Day (Feat. Drama) [Prod. By Stacks Beatsz]
10. Close Your Eyes [Prod. By Stacks Beatzs]
11. All We Got Is Us [Prod. By Tony Bruce] | MediaFire


Westside Gunn – Hitler On Steroids

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on March 8, 2017

Westside Gunn - Hitler On Steroids
Westside Gunn - Hitler On Steroids (Back)

01. Green Lantern Intro
02. Fish Freestyle
03. Lookin Like The Greatest (Feat. Benny)
04. Rayful’s Plug
05. Dear Winter Bloody Fiegs
06. Hi-Top Ricky Freestyle
07. Shower Shoe Lords
08. 100,000 Machine Gunz (Feat. Royce Da 5’9″ And Conway)
09. Dudley Boyz (Feat. Action Bronson)
10. Eggz
11. Summer Slam ’88
12. Gustavo Poem (Feat. Keisha Plum)
13. Lord (Feat. El Camino)
14. Stoves [Prod. By DJ Green Lantern]
15. Dunks (Feat. Conway)
16. Hall
17. Rex Ryan (Feat. Conway And Roc Marciano)
18. Bon Jovi (Feat. Benny)
19. Nasty (Remix) [Prod. By DJ Green Lantern]
20. Eric B.
21. Mr. T
22. Suede Mutumbos
23. Pissy Work
24. Laura [Prod. By DJ Green Lantern] | MediaFire

Lil Durk – Love Songs For The Streets

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 28, 2017

Lil Durk - Love Songs For The Streets

Lil Durk - Love Songs For The Streets (Back)

1. No Choice [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
2. Pick Your Poison [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
3. No Handouts [Prod. By TyMadeIt]
4. Lately [Prod. By Donis Beats]
5. Mood I’m In (Feat. YFN Lucci) [Prod. By Tino]
6. Better [Prod. By Donis Beats]
7. Like A Uzi (Feat. MoneyBagg Yo) [Prod. By Donis Beats]
8. Where Were You (Feat. Young Thug And Yung Tory) [Prod. By S Breezy]
9. What If (Feat. TK Kravitz) [Prod. By JBoonTheBeat] | MediaFire


Don Q – Corner Stories

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 28, 2017

Don Q - Corner Stories

01. Intro [Prod By Honorable C-Note]
02. 2 Perks [Prod. By Murda Beatz]
03. Chosen One [Prod. By D.Lo And Nick Fresh]
04. Chasing These Bands (Feat. PnB Rock And Fabolous) [Prod By Bizzy the Genius]
05. Take Me Alive (Feat. Styles P And Jadakiss) [Prod. By Scott Storch]
06. Don Vito [Prod. By Nick Papz]
07. I Told You (Feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) [Prod. By Ness]
08. Young Veterans (Feat. Loso Loaded) [Prod. By Ness]
09. 100 Mil [Prod. By Ness]
10. Its All Love (Feat. Dave East) [Prod. By Nick Papz]
11. Get Up N Get It (Feat Zoey Dollaz) [Prod By K.E. On The Track]
12. Corner Stories [Prod. By D.Lo] | MediaFire


Taylor Bennett - Restoration Of An American Idol

1. Intro (The Kid’s Alright) (Feat. Princeton Of Mindless Behavior) [Prod. By Sus.Life, Ludlow And J.Factor]
2. Roof Gone [Prod. By CEO Beatz]
3. Grown Up Fairy Tales (Feat. Chance The Rapper And Jeremih) [Prod. By Mike Will Made-It]
4. Favorite Colors (Feat. Kyle And Luke Tennyson) [Prod. By Luke Tennyson]
5. Play My Part (Feat. Aubree Jenai) [Prod. By CEO Beatz And 5HERiFF]
6. New York Nights (Feat. Stro And Jordan Bratton) [Prod. By Treble’fm And Taylor Bennett]
7. Nobody Tell A Name (Feat. Raury) [Prod. By LudLow]
8. Neon Lights (Feat. Supa Bwe And Lil Yachty) [Prod. By ZiG]
9. Outro (Chi-Town Anthem) [Prod. By Ludlow] | MediaFire

Curren$y And Jet Life – Jet Life All Stars

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 28, 2017

Jet Life - Jet Life All-Stars

01. In Love with the Hustle (Feat. Curren$y, TY And Scotty ATL) [Prod. By Don Cannon]
02. No Role Models (Feat. Curren$y, TY And Corner Boy P) [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
03. What A Millionaire Look Like (Feat. Curren$y, Fiend And Corner Boy P) [Prod. By Shawty Redd]
04. Rockabye Baby (Feat. Curren$y And Fiend) [Prod. By Nesby Phips]
05. The Only Thing That Count (Feat. Curren$y) [Prod. By Nesby Phips]
06. Curry (Feat. Corner Boy P) [Prod. By Cisco Squad]
07. Gangstaz (Feat. Curren$y And Tiny C Style)
08. MOB (Feat. Curren$y And G Perico) [Prod. By Poly3st3r)
09. Above the Law (Feat. Curren$y And Smoke DZA) [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
10. Trophies (Feat. Mr. Marcelo And TY) | MediaFire

Lil Uzi Vert – Luv Is Rage 1.5

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 28, 2017

Lil Uzi Vert - Luv Is Rage 1.5

1. YSL [Prod. By DP Beats]
2. XO Tour Life [Prod. By TM88]
3. Luv Scars K.O. 1600 [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
4. Boring Shit [Prod. By Honorable Court] | MediaFire

Killa Kyleon And Nessacary – Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 28, 2017

Killa Kyleon & Nessacary - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

1. Intro
2. Riding
3. Talk Is Cheap
4. Like I Love You
5. Watching Me
6. Drugs
7. Can’t Stop Me | MediaFire

Half-A-Mil - Half-A-Mil 2

1. Big Tyme Intro
2. Green Light
3. Tupac
4. Avirex Leathers (Feat. B.Carr)
5. Ski Mask Way
6. Top Floor | MediaFire

DJ Easy presents Remy Ma & Papoose - Bonnie & Clyde (a)
DJ Easy presents Remy Ma & Papoose - Bonnie & Clyde (b)

01. Remy Ma And Papoose – Intro
02. Remy Ma – Hot Nigga Freestyle
03. Papoose – Holy Key (Remix)
04. Papoose – No Competition (Feat. Remy Ma)
05. Papoose – Broken Slanguage (Feat. Remy Ma)
06. Remy Ma – Ooouuu Freestyle
07. Fat Joe And Remy Ma – Cookin (Feat. French Montana)
08. Remy Ma And Papoose – 2014 BET Cypher
09. Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter
10. Remy Ma – Black Love (Feat. Papoose)
11. Papoose – Stylin On Ya (DJ Easy Blend)
12. Papoose – Bang It Out (DJ Easy Blend) (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
13. Papoose – Back On My Bullshit (Feat. Fat Joe And Jaquae)
14. Papoose – Michael Jackson (Feat. Remy Ma)
15. Quilly – Real One (Remix) (Feat. Remy Ma And Papoose)
16. Jae Millz – New York, New York (Feat. Remy Ma And Papoose)
17. Remy Ma And Papoose – Freestyle on Funk Flex
18. Papoose – The Hardest Out (Feat. Remy Ma And Hell Rell)
19. Fat Joe And Remy Ma – All The Way Up
20. Papoose – All The Way Up Freestyle
21. Papoose – Dark Side
22. Remy Ma And Papoose – Bonnie-N-Clyde 2005
23. Papoose – Donk Jumping
24. Papoose – Bucket Naked (Remix) (Feat. Remy Ma)
25. Papoose – Black Love (Remix) (Feat. Remy Ma And Nathaniel)
26. Remy Ma – Conceited Pt. 1 (DJ Easy Blend)
27. Remy Ma – Conceited Pt. 2 (Remix) Papoose)
28. Papoose – What’s My Name (Feat. Remy Ma)
29. Papoose – Outro
30. Papoose – Panda Freestyle (Bonus Track)

Jacquees And DeJ Loaf – Fuck A Friend Zone

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 16, 2017

Jacquees & DeJ Loaf - Fuck A Friend Zone

01. Fuck A Friend Zone [Prod. By Nash B And Caine]
02. No Better Love [Prod. By Nash B And Andrew Lloyd]
03. At The Club [Prod. By W]
04. Hold This [Prod. By iRocksays]
05. Deeper [Prod. By Nash B And Murphy Kid]
06. Set It Off [Prod. By YOG$]
07. Your Body [Prod. By Nash B DJ Spinz]
08. Want Your Sex [Prod. By Nash B]
09. Hold You Up [Prod. By Yak Beats for Winners Circle]
10. Make You Fall In Love [Prod. By iRocksays]
11. You Belong To Somebody Else [Prod. By Musik MajorX And Xeryus]
12. Waves [Prod. By iRocksays]
13. The World Along With You [Prod. By YOG$] | ZippyShare

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