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November 2015
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Waka Flocka – Flockaveli 1.5

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 25, 2015

01. Shootin [Prod. By Southside And TM88]
02. Short Handed (Feat. Chaz Gotti) [Prod. By Southside And TM88]
03. Blue Or Red [Prod. By Southside And Metro Boomin]
04. M.O.N.E.Y [Prod. By Southside]
05. Rap Fucked Up [Prod. By B Wheezy]
06. Workin [Prod. By Terantino]
07. Am 2 Pm [Prod. By Southside And DJ Spinz]
08. Birthday [Prod. By Southside]
09. Feel Bout Me [Prod. By Southside And TM88]
10. Lose My Mind [Prod. By Fuse]
11. Trappin N Rappin [Prod. By Southside]
12. No Lie [Prod. By Southside]
13. Blood Brother (Feat. Wooh Da Kid) [Prod. By Southside]
14. Hit A Lick [Prod. By YK]
15. How It Feel [Prod. By Black Metaphor]

https://tusfiles.net/ejo0bgwdh09n | Omerta

Waka Flocka – Flockaveli 1.5

01. Holy Ghost
02. Till The Day I Go (Feat. Makarel)
03. Still The Same Tho (Feat. Lenox Hughes)
04. You Late
05. On Everything
06. Night Of The Living Dead
07. How I’m Feeling
08. Sunrise
09. Check Me Out (Feat. Iamsu!)
10. Work That (Feat. Ron Browz)
11. Just Me And You (Feat. KT)
12. Quarter Past 3 (Feat. Lil Wayne)
13. Pch
14. Non Violent Murder
15. All Praises Due

https://tusfiles.net/pk7fndw44u7m | Omerta

Soulja Boy – S. Beezy

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 25, 2015

01. Diamonds And Gold
02. Hustling Everyday (Feat. Lil Twist)
03. Straight To The Bank (Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)
04. Back In The Trap House
05. Pull Up And Hop Out The Vert
06. Stuntin’
07. Godly
08. KFC (Feat. Calico Jonez)
09. 100 Rounds
10. One More Time (Feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)
11. Flex Up Run Yo Check Up
12. Broke The Rim
13. Money Steady Coming
14. Make It Rain (Clean)
15. Money Truck
16. Back To Getting Money
17. With My Chain On
18. From Nothing
19. Throw It Up
20. Go Get It
21. Trap Freestyle
22. Marilyn Monroe
23. The Top
24. Jumpman

https://tusfiles.net/l0qoyu1brhk5 | Omerta

01. Never Fold (Feat. Scotty ATL) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
02. Bdtdt [Prod. By Zaytoven]
03. Trump [Prod. By Zaytoven]
04. Ice [Prod. By Zaytoven]
05. Too High (Feat. Cool Amerika) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
06. Buyin Pu$$y (Feat. Kash Doll) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
07. No Problems [Prod. By Zaytoven]
08. A.D.I.D.A.S. [Prod. By Zaytoven]
09. Fully Loaded (Feat. T.I. And Rolo) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
10. Kobe (Feat. Bankroll Fresh) [Prod. By Zaytoven]

https://tusfiles.net/7y8roga8940u | Omerta

01. Back2Trappin’ (Feat. Chill)
02. My Thang
03. Trap Junkie
04. Dip N Dab
05. Boot Up (Feat. Teezy And Phi Ray)
06. Ride Out
07. Love In The Studio (Feat. Shay Banks)
08. Flippin’ Dat Work (Feat. Cap 1)
09. How It Feel (Feat. Paul Wall)
10. Trapper Of The Year (Feat. Chill)
11. Holiday Season
12. Bruce Jenna (Feat. Just Brittany)
13. Lost A Sack
14. Run A Train
15. Neva Change (Feat. Big Ant)
16. BFM (Boyfriend Mad) (Feat. Sham)

https://tusfiles.net/1hdg2c9tk8l2 | Omerta

Sean Brown – The Ground Up

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 24, 2015

1. The Gospel [Prod. By Sean Brown]
2. Run Up (Feat. R Mean) [Prod. By Sean Brown]
3. Amazing (Feat. Designer Kid) [Prod. By Sean Brown]
4. Roller Coaster (Feat. J. Harris) [Prod. By Sean Brown]
5. Last Train [Prod. By Sean Brown]
6. PCH [Prod. By Sean Brown]
7. The Gospel (Instrumental) [Prod. By Sean Brown]
8. Last Train (Instrumental) [Prod. By Sean Brown]

https://tusfiles.net/sxzk68em5f2b | Omerta

01. Sunday Morning Intro (Feat. Curren$y)
02. Crown [Prod. By Happy Perez]
03. Clean Den A Bitch [Prod. By Happy Perez]
04. UGKz (Feat. Curren$y And Bun B) [Prod. By Happy Perez]
05. Welcome To Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
06. Beautiful Day (Feat. ESG) [Prod. By Chase N. Cashe And Happy Perez]
07. Dickies And Gold [Prod. By Polyester]
08. Caddy [Prod. By DJ Mr. Rogers]
09. Wanna Be A Baller [Prod. By Happy Perez]
10. Thoed [Prod. By Chase N. Cashe And Happy Perez]
11. She Fuckin (Feat. Maxo Kream) [Prod. By DJ Mr. Rogers]
12. Front (Feat. Slim Thug) [Prod. By Cardo]
13. Bond No. 9 [Prod. By Chase N. Cashe And Happy Perez]
14. OG Shit (Feat. Paul Wall) [Prod. By DJ Mr. Rogers]
15. Fat Pat [Prod. By Happy Perez]
16. Pull Up [Prod. By Happy Perez]
17. Purple Heart [Prod. By Happy Perez]
18. Lifers (Feat. Curren$y And Young Roddy) [Prod. By Happy Perez]
19. Composure [Prod. By DJ Mr. Rogers]
20. No Time [Prod. By Happy Perez]

https://tusfiles.net/1gkex1wt33ww | Omerta

Choice – By Choice Not Force

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 22, 2015

1. I Be Wit [Prod. By DJ Mustard]
2. Move Around (Feat. RJ) [Prod. By DJ Mustard]
3. Everything New [Prod. By DJ Mustard]
4. Sportcenter [Prod. By DJ Mustard]
5. Factor Up
6. No Pressure (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
7. Catch Me If You Can (Feat. Drakeo) [Prod. By DJ Mustard]

https://tusfiles.net/f8zzaw65oba3 | Omerta


Que – I Am Que

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 21, 2015

01. Vampire City [Prod. By Oz]
02. Way Before The Fame [Prod. By Beat Martian]
03. Awe Man (Pack Barkin) [Prod. By 30 Roc Of Ear Drummers]
04. Gucci Said (Feat. Sonny Digital) [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
05. Smackdown [Prod. By Phenom Da Don And Bhef]
06. Woodworks [Prod. By 30 Roc Of Ear Drummers]
07. House [Prod. By Oz]
08. 12 AM [Prod. By Cardo Got Wings]
09. Rodeo Shoppin [Prod. By Metro Boomin And DJ Spinz]
10. No Way [Prod. By 30 Roc Of Ear Drummers]
11. Withdrawals [Prod. By 30 Roc Of Ear Drummers]
12. Liquor Talking [Prod. By Webb Made This]

https://tusfiles.net/tb2nuc5iney0 | Omerta


Plies – Ain’t No Mixtape Bih 2

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 21, 2015

01. Ritz Carlton [Prod. By DT Spacely]
02. Shiddd (Feat. Yo Gotti) [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]
03. Outchea (Feat. Kodak Black) [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]
04. Ruth Chris [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
05. Wit Da Shits (Feat. Boosie Badazz) [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
06. On My Way (Feat. Jacquees) [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]
07. Flyer Den A Pelican [Prod. By Trae D]
08. Charged It 2 Da Game [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]
09. Wet Wet (Feat. T-Pain) [Prod. By Hero Beatz And On The Map Media]
10. Countin Up [Prod. By Zaytoven]
11. Dats Why U Bae [Prod. By Trae D]
12. Ainna [Prod. By Cheeze Beatz]

https://tusfiles.net/4pc5e6ou6gs5 | Omerta


01. Stand By Your Man Pt. 1 (Hip Hop Mix)
02. Stand By Your Man Pt. 2 (New Jack Street Mix)
03. Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag
04. Why Me Baby (Hip Hop Mix) (Feat. Keith Sweat)
05. Hot, Hot, Hot (Boogie’s Mellow Summer Mix)
06. Curious (Feat. LSG And MC Lyte)
07. Whassup Shawty (Feat. Trackmasters)
08. Jingling Baby (Remix)
09. Mr. Goodbar
10. Strictly Business
11. Hush
12. Imagine That
13. You and Me (Feat. Kelly Price)
14. Ain’t Nobody
15. Paradise (Feat. Amerie)
16. Get It On Tonight (Remix) (Feat. Montell Jordan)
17. Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love
18. Loungin (Who Do You Love Remix)
19. She Is (Feat. Carl Thomas)
20. G.O.A.T. 2 On (Remix) (Feat. Tinashe)
21. Around The Way Girl
22. Around The Way Girl Pt. 2 (Untouchables Mix)
23. Around The Way Girl Pt. 3 (7 Inch Mix)
24. 6 Minutes of Pleasure Pt. 1 (Hey Girl Remix)
25. 6 Minutes of Pleasure Pt. 2 (LP Version)
26. Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf
27. Enjoy Yourself (Remix) (Feat. Allure)
28. No Airplay (Dirty Version)
29. Hey Lover Pt. 1 (Erick Sermon Remix)
30. Hey Lover Pt. 2 (DJ Easy Blend)
31. All Night Long (Remix) (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
32. Down The Aisle (Feat. 112)
33. I Cry (Feat. Lil Mo)
34. No More (Feat. Ne-Yo)
35. All This Love (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
36. Candyman
37. Bring On The Mo’s And Ho’s
38. Al B. Sure – Nite And Day
39. Loungin (LP Version)
40. Papa Luv It
41. This Is For The Lover In You (Feat. Babyface)
42. No Question (Feat. Allure)
43. Favorite Flavor (Feat. Mary J. Blige)
44. Hollis To Hollywood
45. Take It (Feat. Joe E. Lewis)
46. Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
47. Doin It
48. Sittin’ Up In My Room (Feat. Brandy)
49. Sittin Up In My Room Pt. 2 (DJ Easy Blend) (Feat. Brandy)
50. So Sick (Remix) (Feat. Ne-Yo)
51. Hip Hop
52. Make It Hot
53. Mr. Smith
54. I Need Love
55. L.O.V.E. (Feat. Nathaniel)


Rich Homie Quan – No DJ Pack

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 18, 2015

01. Fuck Nigga [Prod. By Stoopid Beatz]
02. I Promise (Feat. Lil Donald) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
03. Falisha (Feat. Migos)
04. Attempted Murder
05. Brand New [Prod. By Trauma Tone]
06. Feelings
07. Hitman [Prod. By Stoopid Beatz And Niqulus Maximus]
08. I Get [Prod. By DT Spacely]
09. Ran Off [Prod. By DT Spacely]
10. Contemplate (Feat. Young Thug)
11. Dead On (Feat. Young Thug) [Prod. By London On The Track]
12. Ugh (Remix) (Feat. Young Dro) [Prod. By Zaytoven]

https://tusfiles.net/twtxpef3m2yu | Omerta

Chopsquad DJ – Forever Chopsquad

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 18, 2015

01. Chief Keef – Doctor [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
02. Lil Durk – Say So [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
03. Lil Durk, Skippa Da Flippa And G Herbo – It’s On Me [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
04. Chief Keef And Lil Durk – Mounted Up [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
05. Chief Keef And Lil Durk – Tomorrow (Remix) [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
06. Chief Keef – Cool [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
07. Gucci Mane – 1 Foot Forward [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
08. Lil Durk – Blue Hundreds [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
09. Lil Durk – Turn Up [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
10. Skippa Da Flippa And Migos – Oklahoma [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]
11. Chief Keef And Lil Durk – On It [Prod. By Chopsquad DJ]

https://tusfiles.net/mtrskdsoxnlk | Omerta

1. Can’t Stop Goin’ In [Prod. By Nard And B]
2. U Can’t Ignore It [Prod. By Nard And B]
3. Counterfeit [Prod. By Nard And B]
4. Off The Porch [Prod. By Nard And B]
5. On The List [Prod. By Nard And B]
6. This Time [Prod. By Nard And B]
7. My Side [Prod. By Nard And B]
8. I Know [Prod. By Nard And B]

https://tusfiles.net/u12sd2crpicv | Omerta

Jonah Cruzz – Cruzz Control

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 18, 2015

01. We Ain’t The Same [Prod. By Sl]
02. 1994 [Prod. By Ralph Da Ruler]
03. Afro Picks [Prod. By Backpack]
04. Mona Lisa [Prod. By Ralph Da Ruler]
05. Smoke Party [Prod. By Stribb On Da Beat]
06. Fo Life [Prod. By Backpack]
07. Stoop Kid [Prod. By Ralph Da Ruler]
08. Get On Up [Prod. By Ralph Da Ruler]
09. Hills [Prod. By DJ Toomp]
10. Testimony [Prod. By Rell]
11. Shawty Shawty [Prod. By Sl]
12. Multiply [Prod. By Sl]

https://tusfiles.net/52fgj36d02py | Omerta

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