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Below is the fourth installment of my #BlendsByThePound4 series. With CLEAN & DIRTY versions available. Feedback is appreciated.

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Alternate Link:
MixMasterMaize – #BBTP4 (CLEAN)
MixMasterMaize – #BBTP4 (DIRTY)
Eric Biddines Has been featured on Hear It First several times in the Past!! We were one of the first blogs to take notice years ago!!

Fast forward a few years and we now have Eric Biddines latest visual Railroad Down/Unfinished being played on MTV jams.. the big name Hip Hop Blogs such as Hip Hop DX, BET, and more are starting to pick up on the Planet CoffeeBean Train. I predict it will only be a matter of time before Eric Biddines and his unique style that kinda reminds me of something straight out of Dungeon Family becomes a household name.
Go check out his videos on Youtube and li8sten to the Planet CoffeeBean 2 Album!!



Its been a long time since Bruce Almighty has released the latest installment of his all independent artist compilation!! Well the streets has been waiting and its finally here! Enjoy!!


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Posted in: Mixtapes / EP's by Bruce Almighty on April 4, 2014

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Hookman Jones has been putting it down for a minute… Dont sleep on him!!

Massive Trip is BACK!!!!!!! This time with a crazy new mixtape series where Eminem is the “main character”. Eminem fan or not, this fucking mixtape surely does not disappoint the Hip Hop fan.



01.Marshall Matters – Xmas Intro
02.Eminem – No Apologies (Massive Trip BLND)
03.Eminem – Jimmy (Massive Trip BLND)
04.Eminem – Let Up (Massive Trip BLND)
05.Eminem – Clark Kent (Massive Trip BLND)
06.Eminem – Bad Guy (Massive Trip BLND)
07.Eminem – One True Love (Massive Trip BLND)
08.Change Skit
09.Eminem (feat. Proof) – Get It On (Massive Trip BLND)
10.Eminem – Game Conqueror (Massive Trip BLND)
11.Eminem – Killa Bill (Massive Trip BLND)
12.Eminem – Freeze (Massive Trip BLND)
13.Eminem – Jerk (Massive Trip BLND)
14.Eminem (feat. 50 Cent & Dr. Dre) – Bottle Afta Bottle (Massive Trip BLND)
15.Eminem (feat. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent) – Run It (Massive Trip BLND)
16.Eminem – Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
17.Bank Vault Skit
18.Eminem – Acirema (Massive Trip BLND)
19.Eminem – I Will Not Fall (Massive Trip BLND)
20.Eminem – I Run Rap (Massive Trip BLND)
21.Eminem (feat. Nate Dogg) – Ass (Massive Trip BLND)
22.Eminem – Freestyle 2 (Massive Trip BLND)
23.Eminem – Made U (Massive Trip BLND)
24.Space Boy Skit
25.Eminem – Freestyle 3 (Massive Trip BLND)
26.Eminem – Forever Verse (Massive Trip BLND)
27.Eminem – Fight Music Verse (Massive Trip BLND)
28.Eminem – I Am (Massive Trip BLND)
29.Eminem – Difficult (Massive Trip BLND)
30.Eminem – Difficult Pt. 2 (Massive Trip BLND) BONUS


#Marshall Matters – MediaFire

#Marshall Matters – Hulkshare

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I made this tape to celebrate the ten year anniversary of Jay-Z’s classic The Black Album. Hope you enjoy it. Also below are my American Blendsta and The Blendprint tapes.

01. Interlude (MMM Blend)
02. December 4th (MMM Blend)
03. What More Can I Say (MMM Blend)
04. Encore (MMM Blend)
05. Change Clothes (MMM Blend)
06. Dirt Off Your Shoulder (MMM Blend)
07. Threat (MMM Blend)
08. Moment Of Clarity (MMM Blend)
09. 99 Problems (MMM Blend)
10. Interlude (PSA) (MMM Blend)
11. Justify My Thug (MMM Blend)
12. Lucifer (MMM Blend)
13. Allure (MMM Blend)
14. My 1st Song (MMM Blend)


#TheBlackAlbumBlends (Clean)

#TheBlackAlbumBlends (Dirty)

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Volume 3 in the series brings you blends from Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Ashanti, Beyonce, Travis Scott & more.


01.Rihanna – Where Have U Been (MMM Blend)
02.Kendrick Lamar – Drank (Swiiming Pools) (MMM Blend)
03.Travis Scott Ft T.I. 2 Chainz – Upper Echelon (MMM Blend)
04.Wale Ft 2 Chainz – Get Me Doe (MMM Blend)
05.B.o.B. Ft Nicki Minaj – Out Of My Mind (MMM Blend)
06.Future Ft T.I. – Magic (MMM Blend)
07.T.I. Ft Big K.R.I.T. – I’m Flexin (MMM Blend)
08.Untitled Ft Ludacris – Stupid Dumb Fly (MMM Blend)
09.Missy Elliott Ft Timbaland – 9th Inning (MMM Blend)
10.Young Dro – FDB (MMM Blend)
11.Future – Honest (MMM Blend)
12.Trinidad James – Females Welcomed (MMM Blend)
13.Missy Elliott Ft Timbaland – Triple Threat (MMM Blend)
14.Flo Rida Ft Pitbull – Can’t Believe It (MMM Blend)
15.Sean Kingston Ft Chris Brown Wiz Khalifa – Beat It (MMM Blend)
16.Chris Brown Ft Nicki Minaj – Love More (MMM Blend)
17.Beyonce – Ego (MMM Blend)
18.Keyshia Cole Ft Lil Wayne – Enough Of No Love (MMM Blend)
19.Kendrick Lamar Ft Emil Sand – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (MMM Blend)
20.Wale Ft Tiara Thomas – Bad (MMM Blend)
21.Jay Sean Ft Rick Ross – Mars (MMM Blend)
22.Ashanti – Never Should Have Been (MMM Blend)

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1. Manifest Destiny (Prod. By Genius Picaso)
2. Move A Mountain (Feat. Dominique Danielle) (Prod. By Genius Picaso)
3. It’s Tha Beast Bitch! (The Return) (Prod. By Architect Lordz)
4. Fuck U Mean (Feat. A-Way) (Prod. By JeroN!MO)
5. Get It (Prod. By J. Tempo)
6. Stand For Something (Feat. Kenlo Key) (Prod.By Genius Picaso)
7. Dreams (Prod. By Genius Picaso)
8. TTT (Feat. Iesha Collins, Dominique Danielle, Jamal Mar & Veto Vangundy) (Prod. By September 6th)
9. FNB2 (Nobody, Pt. II) (Prod. By Genius Picaso)
10. Love U 2 Death (Prod. By Genius Picaso)
11. Crash & Burn (Prod. By Savo)
12. IDGAF (Prod. By Architect Lordz)
13. Mindstate (Nothing 2 Lose) (Prod. By Architect Lordz)
14. Young Niggas (Prod. By Architect Lordz)

In the second edition of the #BlendsByThePound series Mix Master Maize presents a collection of hip hop and R&B blends from various artist including Robin Thicke, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tito Lopez and many more.

01 .Robin Thicke Ft Pharrell T.I. – Blurred Lines (MMM Blend)
02. Chris Brown – Fine China (MMM Blend)
03. Bruno Mars – Treasure (MMM Blend)
04. Kendrick Lamar Ft Drake – Poetic Justice (MMM Blend)
05. Wale Ft Big Sean – Slight Work (MMM Blend)
06. B. Martin Ft Kendrick Lamar Juicy J – I Want It All (MMM Blend)
07. Ciara Ft Nicki Minaj – I’m Out (MMM Blend)
08. T.I. Ft Lil Wayne – Ball (MMM Blend)
09. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (MMM Blend)
10. Yo Gotti Ft Young Jeezy YG – Act Right (MMM Blend)
11. D.Fresh – 4 Days (Break It Down) (MMM Blend)
12. Tinie Tempah Ft 2 Chainz – Trampoline (MMM Blend)
13. Meek Mill Ft Drake Jeremih – Amen (MMM Blend)
14. Tito Lopez – Ghost of Tito Lopez (MMM Blend)
15. Iggy Azalea – Work (MMM Blend)
16. Tiara Thomas – 4 Dollar Bill (MMM Blend)
17. D.Fresh – Poetic Justice (MMM Blend)
18. Jay-Z – Who You Wit (MMM Blend)
19. Miguel – Adorn (MMM Blend)
20. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (MMM Blend)


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In the inaugural edition of the #BlendsByThePound series Mix Master Maize presents a collection of hip hop and R&B blends from various artist from Aaliyah,Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and many more.

01. Aaliyah Ft Timbaland – Are You That Somebody (MMM Blend)
02. Big Sean – Guap (MMM Blend)
03. E-40 Ftt Lil Jon – Ripped (MMM Blend)
04. B.o.B. Ft 2 Chainz – Headband (MMM Blend)
05. Fantasia Ft Kelly Rowland Missy Elliott – Without Me (MMM Blend)
06. Lil Wayne – Gucci Gucci (MMM Blend)
07. Nicki Minaj – Hov Lane (MMM Blend)
08. Big Sean Ft Nicki Minaj – Ass (Remix) (MMM Blend)
09. French Montana Ft Nicki Minaj – Freaks (MMM Blend)
10. Kendrick Lamar Ft Young Jeezy – Westside Right On Time (MMM Blend)
11. Justin Timberlake Feat Jay-Z – Suit Tie (MMM Blend)
12. Big Boi Ft Kelly Rowland – Mama Told Me (MMM Blend)
13. Rihanna – Diamonds (MMM Blend)
14. Game Ft Jeremih, Big Sean Lil Wayne – Lady (All That) (MMM Blend)
15. B.o.B. Ft T.I. Juicy J – We Still In This Bitch (MMM Blend)
16. Jaamel Ft Tito Lopez SiNCERE – Tha Deal (MMM Blend)
17. D.Fresh – Feel Good Music (MMM Blend)
18. T.I. Ft Cee-Lo – Hello (MMM Blend)
19. Tito Lopez – The Blues (MMM Blend)
20. T-Pain – 5 O’Clock (Feat. Wiz Khalifa Lily Allen) (MMM Blend)


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I come across some of the best underground talent in the business. Since I was released from prison I had the Oppurtunity to meet Producer DJ Lashmoove who has an extremely extensive production credit list. His new project “Ninja Music The Fire LP” Which will also be the first of a 4 part series titled “The Shinobi Chronicles”  Powered By DJ Lashmooves Heavy Wu Tang influanced percussion and  guitars and 6Lades Feirce Delivery The Shinobi Chronicles is definately something I will be following!  So take a few minutes and check out some hot new music, leave some feedback and let us know if you want to see more from this artist! Look for Ninja Music The Fire EP anywhere you can buy music digitally!

Ninja Music Website



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