G.P.T. Entertainment presents the life lesson from Jaamel titled Rude Awakening. Are you aware of the violence and damage in the​ community around you or are you sleep? Do you live your life based on the names you are called or on the name you were born with? Do you only live to help yourself or do you help others along the way? Do you sit back and watch as tragic events take place around you or do you take a stand? Are you tired of innocent children being abused and murdered, women being abused and murdered, being profiled on a daily bases, or do you fear for your family’s safety out in this world we live in? If so then this album is for you. If not, WAKE UP!

“We were kings and queens, they took that and gave us minimum wage. The truth aint in yo history book on nan page.” – Jaamel

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Today marks the 11 year anniversary of The Black Album, so I decided to re-post this and throw up some additional tracks on the cloud.

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01.Previously on Massive Trip
02.Barack Obama (feat. Frank Knight) – AOT II Intro (Produced By Massive Trip)
03.The L.O.X. – L.O.X. (Massive Trip BLND)
04.The L.O.X. – Fucking With The Trinity (Massive Trip BLND)
05.Stack Bundles (feat. Bynoe) Clik Clak (Massive Trip BLND)
06.Young Chris – Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
07.Fred The Godson – Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
08.Ransom – Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
09.Ace Hood – Twisted (Prod. by Noyz & Massive Trip)
10.Busta Rhymes (feat. Eminem) Calm Down (Massive Trip BLND)
11.Frank Knight – Disco (Massive Trip BLND)
12.The L.O.X. – Try Me (Massive Trip BLND)
13.Yay Cash – DIE (Massive Trip BLND)
14.Max B – Feel Better (Massive Trip BLND)
15.Styles P. – Deep (Massive Trip BLND)
16.Ransom – Winters Coming Again (Massive Trip BLND)
17.Peedi Crakk (feat. Redman) – Whips (Massive Trip BLND)
18.Busta Rhymes (feat. Reek da Villian) – Addicted To The Grind (Massive Trip BLND)
19.Papoose – Don’t Fuck Wit U (Massive Trip BLND)
20.G-Unit (feat. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck & Ma$e) – Hated On Jesus (Massive Trip BLND)
21.Remy Ma (feat. Jay-Z & Meek Mill) – Love No More (Massive Trip BLND)
22.Jadakiss – Hood Shit (Massive Trip BLND)
23.Eazy E – Chrome To Ur Dome (Massive Trip BLND)
24.Stack Bundles – I’m Back (Massive Trip BLND)
25.Crooked I (feat. Lloyd Banks) – E.T. Bars (Massive Trip BLND)
26.Styles P. – I Know (Massive Trip BLND)
27.Age Of Tripocalypse II – Outro




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Below is the fourth installment of my #BlendsByThePound4 series. With CLEAN & DIRTY versions available. Feedback is appreciated.

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Alternate Link:
MixMasterMaize – #BBTP4 (CLEAN)
MixMasterMaize – #BBTP4 (DIRTY)
Eric Biddines Has been featured on Hear It First several times in the Past!! We were one of the first blogs to take notice years ago!!

Fast forward a few years and we now have Eric Biddines latest visual Railroad Down/Unfinished being played on MTV jams.. the big name Hip Hop Blogs such as Hip Hop DX, BET, and more are starting to pick up on the Planet CoffeeBean Train. I predict it will only be a matter of time before Eric Biddines and his unique style that kinda reminds me of something straight out of Dungeon Family becomes a household name.
Go check out his videos on Youtube and li8sten to the Planet CoffeeBean 2 Album!!



Its been a long time since Bruce Almighty has released the latest installment of his all independent artist compilation!! Well the streets has been waiting and its finally here! Enjoy!!


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Posted in: Mixtapes / EP's by Bruce Almighty on April 4, 2014

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Hookman Jones has been putting it down for a minute… Dont sleep on him!!

Massive Trip is BACK!!!!!!! This time with a crazy new mixtape series where Eminem is the “main character”. Eminem fan or not, this fucking mixtape surely does not disappoint the Hip Hop fan.



01.Marshall Matters – Xmas Intro
02.Eminem – No Apologies (Massive Trip BLND)
03.Eminem – Jimmy (Massive Trip BLND)
04.Eminem – Let Up (Massive Trip BLND)
05.Eminem – Clark Kent (Massive Trip BLND)
06.Eminem – Bad Guy (Massive Trip BLND)
07.Eminem – One True Love (Massive Trip BLND)
08.Change Skit
09.Eminem (feat. Proof) – Get It On (Massive Trip BLND)
10.Eminem – Game Conqueror (Massive Trip BLND)
11.Eminem – Killa Bill (Massive Trip BLND)
12.Eminem – Freeze (Massive Trip BLND)
13.Eminem – Jerk (Massive Trip BLND)
14.Eminem (feat. 50 Cent & Dr. Dre) – Bottle Afta Bottle (Massive Trip BLND)
15.Eminem (feat. Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent) – Run It (Massive Trip BLND)
16.Eminem – Freestyle (Massive Trip BLND)
17.Bank Vault Skit
18.Eminem – Acirema (Massive Trip BLND)
19.Eminem – I Will Not Fall (Massive Trip BLND)
20.Eminem – I Run Rap (Massive Trip BLND)
21.Eminem (feat. Nate Dogg) – Ass (Massive Trip BLND)
22.Eminem – Freestyle 2 (Massive Trip BLND)
23.Eminem – Made U (Massive Trip BLND)
24.Space Boy Skit
25.Eminem – Freestyle 3 (Massive Trip BLND)
26.Eminem – Forever Verse (Massive Trip BLND)
27.Eminem – Fight Music Verse (Massive Trip BLND)
28.Eminem – I Am (Massive Trip BLND)
29.Eminem – Difficult (Massive Trip BLND)
30.Eminem – Difficult Pt. 2 (Massive Trip BLND) BONUS


#Marshall Matters – MediaFire

#Marshall Matters – Hulkshare

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