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July 2012
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0731. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on July 31, 2012

Fabolous Feat Wale And French Montana – Dance Move (Cake) [Prod. By The Renegades] (Clean|No DJ) [Hot]

Jackie Chain Feat Big K.R.I.T. And Bun B – Parked Outside [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.] [VeryHot]

3 tracks off Vaughn Anthony’s new mixtape “Life Of A Player

Vaughn Anthony Feat John Legend – Hold Me Down [VeryHotRnB]

Vaughn Anthony Feat Olivia – In Your Shoes [VeryHotRnB]

Vaughn Anthony Feat Prodigy – One More Chance

Jeremy Greene Feat Dev And Fatman Scoop – Talking Hundreds

GhostWridah Feat Brisco, Billy Blue, And Nehemie – Heart Of The City [Prod. By The Inkredibles] [VeryHot]

Ya Boy Feat Three 6 Mafia – Rich Nigga Shit [Prod. By DJ Paul]

Fred The Godson – Put In Work [Prod. By TrakDealaz]

Nina Sky – Never Kissed You [Prod. By Salaam Remi] [HotRnB]

Soulja Boy Feat Neffi And Detail – Rollin’ Wet

Richard Raw Feat Dr. Umar Johnson‏ – We Need True Leaders [Hot]

Los Feat Paypa – I Don’t Fuck Wit That [VeryHot]

Los And Lola Monroe – Bonnie And Clyde [Hot]

Problem And IamSu – Knock That Shit Out [Prod. By Dnyce]

Beedie – Robert Marley [Prod. By Buckwild] [VeryHot]

The Audible Doctor Feat Von Pea – F.U.B.U. [Prod. By marink] [Hot]

Sam Sneak – Clear Freestyle

V!RTU – Step To It [Prod. By Madd Hadda] [Hot]

K. Michelle – Kiss My Ass [HotRnB]

Fitzgerald Feat St. Laz And Opium – Jealous

St. Laz Feat Fitzgerald – Ima Do It [Hot]

EDUBB Feat T-Mo Goodie – It’s Almost Over

Horseshoe Gang – We Here (Goldie Freestyle) [Hot]

Thurz Feat Rocki Evans And Rich Kidd – Keep The Faith

Blak Spyda, Nick Nemesis, And Joel Venom – Drunk Space [Prod. By SKYWLKR]

Dub MD Feat Vandalyzm, Substantial, K-Sise, And Kel Spencer – The Requiem [Prod. By Black Bethoven] [Hot]

G4 Boyz -For The Love Of Money

Arlis Michaels Feat Louie Castro – Hey Sexy [Prod. By Speilberg Shawty]

Young Cam Fool – You Know This [Prod. By Cardo]

Bramzwig – Hands High [Hot]

Reema Major – Major Moves

Naymez – Thank You [Prod. By DJ Bless]

Sutter Kain Feat Donnie Darko And Persia – Ya’ll Aint Kill Me Yet [Prod. By Sutter Kain] [Hot]

Topic – Bet Money

Royce The Choice Feat Nacho Picasso – LSWN [Prod. By Petty]

Money Mac Feat Xcess Manzzini – What [Prod. By DubMagic]

1st String – Or Wat


Vaughn Anthony – Life Of A Player

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

01. Intro
02. Life of A Player
03. One Thing On My Mind
04. Curiousity (Feat. Dunson)
05. Get Money
06. Hands Up
07. I Love It
08. Hold Me Down (Feat. John Legend)
09. Hear You Yell
10. Swag All Day
11. In Your Shoes (Feat. Olivia)
12. One More Chance (Feat. Prodigy)
13. Mutual
14. Girl It’s Alright (Feat. Rick Ross)
15. Wish

Nina Sky – Nicole And Natalie

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

1. Starting Today
2. Day Dreaming [Prod. By Beau Vallis]
3. Heartbeat [Prod. By Nina Sky And Slimmy Neutron]
4. Comatose [Prod. By Brenmar]
5. Never Kissed You [Prod. By Salaam Remi]
6. Everytime (Feat. Lee Wilkie) [Prod. By Nina Sky And Slimmy Neutron]
7. Bright Lights [Prod. By Slimmy Neutron]
8. Makeover [Prod. By Nina Sky And Slimmy Neutron]


Jackie Chain – Bruce Lean Chronicles

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

01. Parked Outside (Feat. Big K.R.I.T. And Bun B) [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
02. Picture Perfect (Feat. Assasyn) [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
03. Johnny Depp [Prod. By Beat Billionaire]
04. Numbers [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
05. 26 Inches (Feat. Assasyn And Dynomite Kidd) [Prod. By B Wheezy Beats]
06. So Throwed [Prod. By YunggStarr]
07. Only Way I Know (Feat. Selasi And Scoob Vercetti)
08. Reach For The Sky (Feat. Attitude And Chinky Brown) [Prod. By Happy Perez]
09. Windows (Feat. Ricky Fontaine) [Prod. By DJ Burnone]
10. First Love (Feat. Chinky Brown) [Prod. By Diplo]
11. Road Less Traveled (Feat. Steven Knight) [Prod. By Block Beattaz]
12. Other Shit (Feat. Nikkiya) [Prod. By Will Power]

01. Intro
02. Foolish
03. Gunz Up (Feat. Lil Kriz)
04. My Nigga (Feat. Enz)
05. Lost Count
06. Money
07. Messing Around (Feat. Enz)
08. Cut Throat (Feat. Murda Squad Youngsta)
09. From Nothing To Something (Feat. Young Buck)
10. Harry Potter
11. Birds
12. Cool
13. Making Money


01. Trappy Birthday [Prod. By Lody]
02. Trappin (Feat. J. Stalin) [Prod. By Murda Beatz]
03. Got My Hood Turnt (Feat. Nipsey Hussle) [Prod. By Nizzy J]
04. Watch This [Prod. By Black Card R]
05. Rocka [Prod. By Black Card R]
06. Rich Nigga Shit (Feat. Three 6 Mafia) [Prod. By DJ Paul]
07. Codenin (Feat. Short Dawg And Cik.Money) [Prod. By Eboniks]
08. 100 Racks (Feat. Juicy J) [Prod. By Resource]
09. TMU (Feat. Young B The Future) [Prod. By Resource And Purps]
10. Real Nigga (Feat. Mistah F.A.B.) [Prod. By SE Trill]
11. Fire [Prod. By Scott Swoosh]
12. Got It (Feat. Billy Blue) [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
13. Fuck It Up (Feat. T.G.I.F.) [Prod. By Nizzy J]
14. Quick 200 [Prod. By Lody]
15. P&M [Prod. By Nizzy J]
16. Playoffs [Prod. By Nizzy J]
17. 4 The Bands (Feat. Cik.Money) [Prod. By Resource]
18. Fastlane [Prod. By Nizzy J]
19. Made It [Prod. By Klypso]
20. My 1st Million [Prod. By Eboniks]

Brenton Brown – The Brenton Brown Affair

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

01. Sky Boxing
02. Perceptions (Feat. Nick London)
03. Are You Ready (Feat. Lopez)
04. Double Dare
05. To The Top (Feat. Emilio Rojas)
06. A Chick Named Music (Feat. Joe Budden And Jaiden The Cure)
07. The Dark (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
08. Rear View Mirror
09. Put It Down (Feat. Young Joe)
10. Walking (Interlude)
11. Oww
12. Quit Your Bullshitting (Feat. Benjamin Lansford And Nick London)
13. Lemme Know (Feat. Ghost Wridah)
14. About My Business
15. Guilty Feet (Feat. George Michael)
16. Black Hemmingway
17. Capulets And Montagues (Feat. Ess Vee, QuESt, And Bryan Black)
18. Cashier (Feat. Regal)
19. Paradise

Download HERE (Sharebeast) | Hulkshare | Stream (SoundCloud)

Tech N9ne – Blur (Re-Produced) EP

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

02.Blur (Re-Produced by Shane Eli)
03.Blur (Re-Produced by The Sleepwalkers)
04.Blur (Re-Produced by Soulslicers)

Download/Stream HERE


Mysonne – Murder, Death, Kill

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 31, 2012


GhostWridah – Downtown Lights 2.0

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 31, 2012

01. Charlamagne Tha God (Intro)
02. Lights (Feat. Earthtones) [Prod. By Stroud]
03. Touch Down (Man Of The Year) [Prod. By Freeway J]
04. Look What I’m Becoming (Brief Intermission) [Prod. By Lowkey]
05. Heart Of The City (Feat. Brisco, Billy Blue & Nehemie) [Prod. By The Inkredibles]
06. Die [Prod. By J Rock]
07. I’m On [Prod. By Low Key]
08. Smoke It All Away (Feat. Stoney) [Prod. By Cosmo]
09. Talk My Shit [Prod. By Phoenix of TSK]
10. I Get It (Feat. Brisco) [Prod. By Lowkey]
11. Father Forgive Em (Feat. Billy Blue) [Prod. By Smash]
12. Lost And Found (Feat. Jase) [Prod. By Freeway TJay]
13. Eyes Closed [Prod. By Cameron Wallace]
14. YBA (Feat. Nehemie) [Prod. By Freeway TJay]
15. Skittles & Ice (Feat. Nehemie) [Prod. By Relly Rell]

Download/Stream HERE

r.O.b – HomeTown

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 31, 2012


Sha’ir – Assembly Line

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 31, 2012


2.Hard Wurk – N – Dedication
3.This it Right Here
4.No He Didnt
5.This Tha Life
6.Girl I like You
9.Right Now
10.Jumpin Off
11.Money, Cars, Cloths
12.Back Pocket Watchin
13.Fa Sum – prod by J Reid
14.Interlude 2
15.Cocaine White
17.Gas ft Bags
18.Comin Down
19.She Dont Play

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