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1108. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on November 8, 2012

Joe Budden Feat. Emanny – More Of Me [Prod. By Cardiak] [XtremelyHot]

Travis Barker And Yelawolf – Directors Cut [Hot]

Yo Gotti – Have Mercy (Gucci Know Not What He Do) [Hot]

Kid Ink Feat. Machine Gun Kelly – Hell And Back (Remix) [Prod. By Ned Cameron] (No DJ|CDQ)

4 new Future tracks off the new mixtape “We Are The Radio 6

Future – DNA [Prod. By 808 Mafia] (DJ)

Future Feat. Casino – Karate Chop [Prod. By Metro] (DJ)

Future Feat. Freeband Gang – Whip Game (DJ)

Future – YSL Cheetah [Prod. By Zaytoven] (DJ)

3 tracksoff Plies new mixtape “On Trial 2

Plies – Makin’ Playz [Prod. By Lil Lody]

Plies – My Bitch [Prod. By Mike Will]

Plies – Yeen Really On Dat [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]

3 tracks off Rocko’s new mixtape “Wordplay (No  DJ)

Rocko – 1 Shot [Prod. By Zaytoven] (No DJ)

Rocko – Odds [Prod.By DJ Toomp] (No DJ)

Rocko – RE [Prod. By Sonny Digital And Hollywood J] (No DJ)

Mayalino Feat. Pusha T – This Feeling [VeryHot]

Rich Kid Shawty Feat. Jay Rock – Trash Can (DJ)

Slim Thug – Hold Your Head [Prod. By Cy Fyre] [VeryHot]

JR And PH7 Feat. Guilty Simpson And Journalist 103 – Motor City Movin’ [Prod. By JR And PH7] [VeryHot]

Aaliyah Feat. MIZ – Enough Said (IzZy Remix) [Hot]

Smoke DZA, Al-Doe, And NYMlo – Cold Water [Prod. By Matt Cody]

Tha Dogg Pound And Rob Quest – High [Hot]

Chubby Jag – Swimming Pool Freestyle

C-Murder Feat. Rudye – Keep It Hood

Cyrano Sinatra – Proud of Me [Prod. By Centric] [Hot]

King Louie Feat. Lil Durk – I Love Money

Jason James And Rodney Hazard – This Is My Rifle [Prod. By Rodney Hazard] [Hot]

Slo Mo And Khizman – The Prestige [Prod. By Lazy-J]

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Lady Gaga – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Original Version) [VeryHot]

Fabolous – For The Love [Prod. By StreetRunner] (No DJ|CDQ) [VeryHot]

Future Feat. Ciara – Turn On The Lights (Remix) [HotRnB]

Vado – My Team Go [Hot]

Shawnna Feat. T-Pain – Pimp N Tha Cadillac [Prod. By Tha Bizness] [Hot]

Peter Jackson Feat. Joe Budden And Emerson Brooks – Help [VeryHot]

Profit Feat. Cassidy – Lighwork [Prod. By Guantanamo Beats]

C.Stone The Breadwinner Feat. Slim Thug – Been Gettin’ Money

St. Laz Feat. J.R. Writer – Get Out My Way [Prod. By Ju Fresh]

A.P. And St. Laz – Grass Cut Low

Fitzgerald Feat. St. Laz – Away Love [HotRnB]

Shawty Redd – Hallelujah [Prod. By B Wheezy]

Abrina Feat. Maine Event And Problem – Dat Good (Remix)

D1 Feat. Copywrite – Fall In Line [Prod. By D1]

Dub-O – Same Ol’

Hollywood Adom – Downtown [Hot]

Kyle Bent – Music Loud

Lil Bit Feat. Chingy – Monee

Mad Static – Exit Wounds [Prod. By Jay Thomas] [Hot]

Money Mac Feat. Lil Bama – Get On The Ground [Prod. By DubMagic Roe]

2-Twenty – Hiatus [Prod. By June James] [Hot]

Tolly Feat. Stunna2Fly – Cautious [Prod. By Metro Boomin And Sonny Digital]

Ty Farris – Save America Freestyle

Vic Freeze – 4 Da Guap [Prod. By Clockwork Muzik]


Plies – On Trial 2

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 8, 2012

01. Mean Muggin’ [Prod. By G5]
02. Hunna [Prod. By Filthy Beatz]
03. Makin’ Playz [Prod. By Lil Lody]
04. Whacked [Prod. By Lil Lody]
05. Paper Cutz [Prod. By League Of Starz]
06. Low Miles [Prod. By Filthy Beatz]
07. Workin’ (Feat. Xtra) [Prod. By D-Rich]
08. True Colors [Prod. By D-Rich]
09. Yeen Really On Dat [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
10. Big Faces (Feat. Xtra) [Prod. By June James]
11. A Couple Bandz On ‘Em [Prod. By Lil Lody]
12. Flickalatin [Prod. By Stunna MF Baby]
13. My Bitch [Prod. By Mike Will Made It]
14. Real Life [Prod. By Lil Lody]
15. Baby Momma Pussy [Prod. By DJ Montay]
16. Save Dey Self [Prod. By G5]


Rihanna – Diamonds

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012


Hi-Rez – Lost In Time

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012


Rocko – Wordplay (No DJ Version)

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 8, 2012

01. Re [Prod. By Sonny Digital And Hollywood J]
02. 1 Shot [Prod. By Zaytoven]
03. Nacho$ [Prod. By DJ Spinz]
04. I [Prod. By Zaytoven]
05. Mean [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
06. Way Out [Prod. By Knucklehead]
07. No Cents [Prod. By Ant Beatz]
08. M’s [Prod. By Knucklehead]
09. ErWhere [Prod. By D Rich]
10. U [Prod. By Zaytoven]
11. Odds [Prod. By DJ Toomp]

01. Future – We Are The Radio
02. Future – Karate Chop (Feat. Casino) [Prod. By Metro]
03. Rocko – Nachos [Prod. By DJ Spinz]
04. Yo Gotti Feat. Future – Drug Money
05. Chief Keef – Love Sosa [Prod. By Young Chop]
06. Future – DNA [Prod. By 808 Mafia]
07. Rocko – Mean [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
08. Young Scooter – Street Lights (Feat. OJ The Juiceman And Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
09. Trinidad James – All Gold Everything
10. Future – 3D Interlude
11. Future – YSL Cheetah [Prod. By Zaytoven]
12. Gucci Mane – Gas And Mud [Prod. By DJ Spinz And C4]
13. Chill Will – No Manners [Prod. By Mike Will Made It]
14. Travis Porter – Do A Trick [Prod. By DJ Spinz]
15. Future – A1FBG Check In
16. Future Feat. Freeband Gang – Whip Game
17. Shad – Everyday I’m Flossin’ (Feat. OG Double D And Young Scooter) [Prod. By DJ Plugg]
18. CoCo Kiss – Go [Prod. By Zaytoven]
19. Future Feat. Mia Rey – Trance

The Weeknd Feat. Drake – The Zone

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012

50 Cent – Money

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012


Brown Bag AllStars – Rhett Committed Murder

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012

D1 – Political Love Story

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 8, 2012

01.Bricks (Introduction) [prod. D1]
02.A Patriot’s Act [prod. D1]
03.The Fox and Hound [prod. D1]
04.Change [prod. D1]
05.Fall In Line (ft. Copywrite) [prod. D1]
06.Revolt [prod. D1]

Download/Stream HERE


Damon Campbell Interviews Smoke DZA

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012

Yowda Feat. YG – Shut Up

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on November 8, 2012

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1.Andretti – Agallah , Pop Off
2.Fear The Lord – Young Hope ,Agallah
3.Propain Movement – PopOff ,Agallah , Young hope
4.Power to the People – Brian James , Agallah
5.God In My Heart – Spliff Hemingway ft. Agallah, Brian James & DJ Limegreen
6.Life dont belong to you – Brian James , Agallah
7.God bless’em all – PopOff,Agallah,Brian James
9.freakshow – Agallah , PexMusic
10.judgement day – Brian James – Agallah g’d up – Pop off , Agallah , Brian James , Grimm
12.Propain Life – Agallah , Brian james
13.Own lane – Agallah ,Brian James ,Killer ben , PopOff
14.superior handle – Agallah , Brian James
15.Rock in A hard Place – Agallah ,PexMusic
16.Flighted -Spliff Hemingway, Agallah, Duke Westlake,
17.Beef We can handle it – Killer ben , Brian james , hemp hop, Agallah , PopOff
18.Snapback – Dame Grease, Agallah , Brian james , ISaid
19.Tally Up – PopOff , Agallah
20.Cocaine Rules – Agallah , PopOff
21.No Illusion – Agallah , Brian James
22.Out The Ghetto – Agallah,Brian james,PopOff
23.Davinci Halls – Agallah, Pop off like a arab – Agallah Feat Big Twinz on this – Agallah feat PexMusic
26.Areozone – Agallah ,PexMusic
27.Prophets Paradise – Agallah feat Killah Priest
28.New York (Remix) Kool Keith feat Agallah ,Nym
29.I’m A Problem – Agallah
30.Fuck Wit Me Agallah Feat Young Hope & Murdahbaby & yemen cheese
31.That New Whiff – Agallah
32.Bonus track – Cokelines – Ras Kass & Agallah

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