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July 2013
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0716. New Singles

Posted in: Singles by Emi on July 16, 2013

Tech N9ne Feat. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY!, And Kendall Morgan – Fragile [XtremelyHot]

Cory Gunz Feat. Wiz Khalifa – I’m Laughin’ [Prod. By Rikinatti] [Hot]

Cory Gunz Feat. Busta Rhymes – Kan’t See Me [Prod. By Dot N Pro And Panda] [Hot]

Cory Gunz Feat. Juicy J – Total [Prod. By Dot N Pro]

ProbCause Feat. Action Bronson And Chance The Rapper – Three Course Meal [Prod. By Wes P.] [VeryHot]

Pete Rock And Camp Lo Feat. Uncle Murda – Clean Getaway [Prod. By Pete Rock] [Hot]

Travis Porter – Versace (Remix)

Coke Boy Brock Feat. French Montana, Chinx Drugz, And Droop Pop – Feel Like (DJ)

Coke Boy Brock Feat. French Montana And Droop Pop – Highway To Life [Prod. By Cardiak] (DJ)

Coke Boy Brock Feat. Max B – Show Must Go On [Prod. By Red McFly] (DJ)

Chris Brown – Can’t Say No [VeryHotRnB]

Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Vince Staples And Casey Veggies – Hive [VeryHot]

Crooked I – No Sleep Gang [Prod. By Cardo] [Hot]

3 tracks off Gucci Mane And Figg Panamera’s new album “Fillmoelanta 3

Gucci Mane And Figg Panamera – Been Getting It [Prod. By Zaytoven]

Gucci Mane And Figg Panamera – Moon Walk [Prod. By Zaytoven]

Gucci Mane And Figg Panamera Feat. Chill Will – Wore Me Out [Prod. By Zaytoven] [Hot]

Young Cash Feat. Akon – Around My Way [Prod. By Akon] [Hot]

Young Cash Feat. 2 Chainz – Hulk Hogan [Prod. By Bishop Jones]

Young Cash Feat. Ace Hood – Master P [Prod. By Bishop Jones]

Becky G Feat. Pitbull – Can’t Get Enough

Fiend Feat. Juvenile – On My Job [Prod. By RJ2] [Hot]

Diplo Feat. Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz, And Riff Raff – Crown

Papoose – Versace Freestyle

Bobby Brackins Feat. Kreayshawn And D-Lo – ESO [Prod. By Trev Case]

Bobby Brackins Feat. E-40 – Famous [Prod. By Raw Smoove]

Lorenzo Asher Feat. XV – It’s A Brave New World [Hot]

The Kid Daytona – Escargot

Chubby Jag – Poor Decision Freestyle

Vell – Oakland [Prod. By DJ Mustard]


Cory Gunz – Datz WTF I’m Talkin Bout

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 16, 2013

01. Intro [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
02. DatzWTFimTalkinBout [Prod. by Jose Fresh]
03. Kan’t See Me (Feat. Busta Rhymes) [Prod. by Rikinatti]
04. Ballin Out On These Bitches (Feat. Charlie Rock) [Prod. by Stooopid]
05. Feelat’ (Feat. Mack Maine) [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
06. Go Slow [Prod. by Dawaun Parker]
07. I Try (Feat. Sean Hayz) [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
08. Baraka [Prod. by D-Roc]
09. I’m Laughin (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) [Prod. By Dot N Pro And Panda for Alectric Mayhem Prod]
10. Do Something [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
11. My Own Deal (Feat. HASH) [Prod. by Hash Murda Beats]
12. Total (Feat. Juicy J) [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
13. Demons (Feat. Charlie Rock) [Prod. by Jahil Beats]
14. SoS [Prod. by 21]
15. Voices In My Head [Prod. by Dot N Pro]
16. Free My Niggaz [Prod. by Stooopid]
17. Outro (Feat. Charlie Rock) [Prod. by Dot N Pro] | MediaFire


Bishop Nehru – strictlyFLOWZ

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 16, 2013

01. Start
02. Flow 1
03. 96 Blueprint
04. Muffled*M.I.C
05. introVERTz
06. Exhale
07. Angel
08. 77
09. Mobb Dizzle
10. END | MediaFire

Bobby Brackins – Maxwell Park

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 16, 2013

01. Open Yo Legs [Prod. By Nic Nac]
02. ESO (Feat. Kreayshawn And D-Lo) [Prod. By Trev Case]
03. Town Swag [Prod. By Trev Case]
04. Big Body (Feat. Clyde Carson And Ty Dolla $ign) [Prod. By Nic Nac]
05. Jungle Fever [Prod. By Nic Nac]
06. Kindergarten [Prod. By Nic Nac]
07. Rari (Feat. Ray J) [Prod. By Nic Nac]
08. Pearl [Prod. By Trev Case]
09. Famous (Feat. E-40) [Prod. By Raw Smoov]
10. What U Go Do (Feat. IamSu And Kool John) [Prod. By IamSu And Trev Case]
11. Rare (Feat. Lil Debbie) [Prod. By Trev Case]
12. Symphony (Feat. Forest Lipton) [Prod. By Trev Case]
13. Doin 2 Much [Prod. By Trev Case]
14. Westside (Feat. Marky Bassy) [Prod. By Nic Nac] | MediaFire

01. Intro [Prod. By Phat Boy]
02. Them Hittas [Prod. By Yooque]
03. Highway To Life (Feat. French Montana And Droop Pop)
04. Niggas Dying Broke [Prod. By Phat Boy]
05. Touchdown (Feat. Moolah) [Prod. By Coke Boy P]
06. Know They Frontin’ [Prod. By Base Beatz]
07. Wasn’t Suppose To Be Here [Prod. By Standout Music]
08. Money Over Fame [Prod. By Butla Beatz]
09. Fugee La (Feat. Moolah)
10. Boyz In The Hood (Feat. Droop Pop) [Prod. By Rock N Rolla]
11. Know That (Feat. Wonder And Slim Chubb) [Prod. By Mike Zombie]
12. Feel Like (Feat. French Montana, Chinx Drugz, And Droop Pop)
13. Rainy Day [Prod. By Advokate]
14. Rules To This Freestyle
15. Show Must Go On (Feat. Max B) [Prod. By Red McFly] | MediaFire

Young Cash – Win Or Die

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 16, 2013

01. Wintro [Prod. By MGeezy]
02. Master P (Feat. Ace Hood) [Prod. By Bishop Jones]
03. I’m Strong [Prod. By MGeezy]
04. 4th Of July (Feat. Manny G) [Prod. By K.E.]
05. Upsidedown [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
06. Niggas Beside You [Prod. By Beast HamSquad]
07. Ugly [Prod. By Bishop Jones]
08. Bend Over (Feat. T-Pain) [Prod. By Bishop Jones]
09. (Interlude) Strip Club
10. My Knob Broke
11. Trust Nobody
12. Around My Way (Feat. Akon) [Prod. By Akon]
13. Hulk Hogan (Feat. 2 Chainz) [Prod. By Bishop Jones]
14. Long Hair Don’t Care [Prod. By Bishop Jones]
15. Showout [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
16. Poe Hoes (Feat. T-Pain And Chayo Nash) [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
17. (Interlude) The Mistake
18. Shut The Fuck Up [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
19. Game [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
20. I’m Trying (Feat. Mirror Mirror) [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
21. How It Used To Be (Feat. Twin) [Prod. By Cashous Clay] | MediaFire

Run The Jewels – 36″ Chain

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 16, 2013

Murs – Falling In Flames

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 16, 2013


Ace Hood – Trials And Tribulations

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 16, 2013


Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Tezo – Black Tuxedo

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 16, 2013

Lil’ Wayne – God Bless Amerika

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 16, 2013

Lil Wayne “God Bless Amerika” from EIF RIVERA on Vimeo.