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January 2018
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01. I’m Suppa Good (Feat. Travis Scott)
02. JUMP
03. Kush Packs
04. Brain Storm 2015
05. In my Mind (Feat. Travis Scott)
06. Jamm (Remix) (Feat. Travis Scott)
07. Tree House
08. The Life
09. Jamm (Feat. Travis Scott)
10. Chimps Fly
11. Hi So Hi (Feat. Travis Scott)
12. 25th and Leon (Feat. Travis Scott)
13. Shit Friday
14. SkyFly
15. We Starz! (Feat. Travis Scott)
16. 2 Celly (Spuf Don) [Prod. By N.O. Joe And Spuf Don]
17. Leaned Out
18. Drippin
19. Super Love fnoja 1

01. Pain
02. Overdose (Prod by Ayo & Keyz)
03. Young Zeus feat Lil Bibby (Prod by Count Justice & Gitchii & Brad Lewis)
04. Break Your Heart (Prod by Goose)
05. Window Pain
06. Break Bread feat Bryson Tiller (Prod by Dope Boi Beats)
07. See You Again (Prod by Alex Mescudi)
08. Blame Us (Prod by Bongo By The Way)
09. Again feat AD (Prod by. Nick E Beats)
10. Pressure feat Wuntayk Timmy (Prod by Zaytoven)
11. Too Long (Prod by Ayo & Keyz)
12. By All Means (Prod by The Beat Plug)
13. Workin (Prod by xSDTRK)
14. My Life A Movie feat Blu (Prod by DunDeal)
15. Dirty Sprite (Prod by Blazin)
16. Cold Blooded
17. Old Pac feat Jonny Cinco & AD (Prod by Sears)
18. Cross Me / Finessin Remix

01. Fool
02. On Her Way
03. Goddess
04. Kids
05. Bedroom
06. One N Only (feat. Lil Silk and Trip Rexx)
07. Rich
08. No Love (feat. Trip Rexx)
09. Let Me (prod. Robbie Jay)
10. 55
11. Work It Out (prod. by Robbie Jay)
12. So You Don’t Have To
13. Guessing
14. Alone
15. The Show

01. Like they Used 2 (Prod by GMoney)
02. B.T.W.M.N. ft Adam Rose (Prod by Mike sears)
03. Been Jammin(Prod by Viatamin E)
04. Crush On You(Prod by De Gee)
05. Fck Niggas (Prod by GMoney)
06. Gambling wit yo Life ft Indian Blue & Nay Nastt(Prod by Jaycee)
07. Mac Dre ft Yung (CSD) (Prod by CMPLX)
08. Greenlight (Pinero beats)
09. Blow it Down (Prod by Jaycee)
10. Smokin & Drankin ft Fat Trel (Prod by Deko)
11. Move In Silence (Prod by Deko)
12. Turnup or Shutup ft Ac $later (Prod by Drum Dummies)
13. S.S.D.D. (Prod by Trav)
14. Time is Money (Prod by Jaycee)
15. Aint Yo Friend (Prod by Deaf)

01. Interview
02. Still Serious
03. Interview
04. End Of Discussion
05. Interview
06. 100’s n 50’s (Feat. Fresco)
07. Selling Pounds
08. Man In Mah City
09. Trapping Ain’t Dead
10. Interview
11. Hunnit Mill
12. Dirty Sprite (Feat. Icewear Vezzo)
13. Real Nigga (Feat. Tux)
14. Ain’t Fair
15. Skit
16. Never Be The Same (Feat. Tux)
17. Interview
18. To The Top
19. Dip N Dab (Feat. Tux)

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01. Intro – Alex Alonso of
02. Big WY feat AD – Day Onez (Prod by Larry Jayy)
03. DUBB feat Glasses Malone – Logo On Your Fitted Cap (Prod by Larry Jayy)
04. Dave East – Fucc The Police (Prod by Tha Jerm)
05. 2Eleven – Hood Day (Prod by Larry Jayy)
06. Icewear Vezzo – Big Chain (Prod by David Wesson)
07. Earl Swavey feat Jay Worthy , Lil L, Flirt – G SHIT (Prod by Larry Jayy
08. AD feat Bricc Baby – TIP (Prod by Larry Jayy)
09. Savuge – Ride On Em (Prod by Infamous Beats)
10. King Trell – Crips Run The World (Prod by Larry Jayy)
11. HopOut feat Smoove AD – Bang Yo Set (Prod by Beat Lee)
12. Phat Stax feat RJ RimPau – Bangin On Waxx (Prod by Imfamous Beats)
13. Wicked feat Tank Law – OG (Prod by Larry Jayy x WebbMadethis)
14. G Perico – Bacc To The Hood (Prod by Larry Jayy)
15. Hitta J3 – Westside YG’Z (Prod by Boomer)
16. Tiny C Style – Fly CripN (Prod by Larry Jayy)
17. Jay Worthy feat Earl Swavey, Kid Beem – Whats Hattnnin (Prod by Larry Jayy)
18. AD – No Options (Prod by Mr Freeze)
19. Slim 400 feat Mitchy Slick Mud Dollaz – My Hood Day (Prod by Mud Dollaz)
20. TF – Squabble Up (Prod by Larry Jayy)
21. Nightmare – Where You From (Prod by Larry Jayy)
22. Outro – YG Interview w Booska P 1

01. Never Look Back
02. Rose To The Riche$
03. Bad (Feat. Chevy Boy)
04. Simple (Feat. AD)
05. Tables Turned
06. Westside Chillin
07. W.K.W.G.
08. The Battle
09. Grow Up
10. Young Homie
11. My Thing
12. D.I.E.

01. B.A.R.S [Prod. By Web Of The Machine]
02. Crack Era [Prod. By Xeno Carr]
03. Million Bucks [Prod. By ill Inkz]
04. Feelin (Feat. Monica A. And Nakira Doss) [Prod. By Trizz Money]
05. Filet Mignon [Prod. By Wizz Dumb]
06. Pictures (Feat. Monica A.) [Prod. By Wizz Dumb]
07. Forever [Prod. By JaValle]
08. Bump My Shit [Prod. By Klasic]
09. Aint My Name
10. Holy Water [Prod. By DaveyBoy]
11. Sky Is Falling (Feat. J.O.) [Prod. By M16]
12. Bad Decisions [Prod. By Xeno Carr]
13. Convenient Amnesia [Prod. By Xeno Carr]
14. Damn
15. It Is What It Is [Prod. By Xeno Carr]

01. Raw
02. Rich or Dead
03. Coolin
04. Bijoux
05. M.O.$.T
06. Rainbows (Feat. Savuge And Vee Tha Rula)
07. Prada Bag
08. Greatest Show On Earth
09. Cocaine
10. Gott Dam Grind
11. Do Dat
12. Driven
13. Off The Cuff
14. Addicted
15. Tear It Up

AD – Blue 89 (Hosted By Adrian Swish)

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on April 14, 2015

01. Blue [Prod. By Pharomazan And Larry Jayy]
02. Westside Errb [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
03. Problems (Feat. RJ) [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
04. Scream (Feat. Skeme And Dave East) [Prod. By Pharomazan]
05. Gangland (Feat. Lil Durk And DC Young Fly) [Prod. By Izze The Producer]
06. If You Want To (Feat. Jonn Hart) [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
07. Get Out My Way (Feat. OT Genasis) [Prod. By C Ballin]
08. Juice [Prod. By League Of Starz]
09. Blue Pit [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
10. You Know What It Is (Feat. Manolo Rose, Icewear Vezzo And RJ) [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
11. Blew It [Prod. By KY GMB]
12. Confidential (Feat. Rayven Justice) [Prod. By Bizness Boi And Ezakt]
13. Ain’t Wit It (Feat. Gillie Da Kid) [Prod. By Larry Jayy]
14. 89 (Feat. DJ Paul) [Prod. By Dberg Studios]

01. I’m In love
02. She Told Me Just Go
03. Watergun [Prod. By Ronnie D]
04. Chase (Feat. Dequina Moore)
05. My Way Is Better
06. Hold On Me
07. Nothing On You (Feat. Dallas Blocker)
08. Take It All Back
09. When She Act Up
10. Wonder (Feat. Dequina Moore)
11. Can We (Feat. Dequina Moore)
12. Body (Feat. Dequina Moore)
13. Don’t Be Afraid To Love
14. Marry Me
15. Where The Drugs At (Feat. Wicked Law)

01. BTR [Prod. By Zaytoven]
02. Anyway (Feat. Matik Etrada And Jace)
03. Dominique [Prod. By C4]
04. Party (Feat. A1 Supergroup) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
05. New Jack [Prod. By Zaytoven]
06. HMU [Prod. By Zaytoven]
07. Projects [Prod. By EP]
08. Gambino [Prod. By C4]
09. WTF [Prod. By Zaytoven]
10. Dope Talk [Prod. By New Message]
11. Brick N A Brick (Feat. Gucci Mane) [Prod. By C4 And DJ Spinz]

01. Happy Birthday (Skit)
02. My Turn Ft. Shy Glizzy (Prod. By Hunga)
03. Different
04. Departed Freestyle (Prod. By Illuminated)
05. Everything Sold (Prod. By Reazy Renegade)
06. N gga (Skit)
07. N gga Ft. Paris Phillips (Prod. By The Maven Boys)
08. B To The Izzy Freestyle
09. The Rhythm II (Prod. By J-Dep)
10. Coming To America Freestyle (Prod. By Illuminated)

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Mike Reeves – H-Tine (Hosted By Adrian Swish)

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on December 18, 2014

01. Intro [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
02. Creep (Feat. Susan Carol) [Prod. By Albie Dickson]
03. The Shit I’m On (Feat. AD And Don Benjamin) [Prod. By Pharomazan]
04. She Gone Go [Prod. By Ronnie D]
05. Party Till [Prod. By Mmxas4]
06. Snitching (Feat. Doughbeezy) [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
07. Get it (Feat. D.Moore And Jaanai) [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
08. Got That Ass (Feat. Throwed Life And Cashwest) [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
09. Fucc Somethin (Feat. Fat Pimp, Wicked Law, Boobie, Roc, Young Wurl And Cashwest) [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
10. Yesterday (Feat. Courtlend) [Prod. By Habib]
11. Cruise [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
12. Famous (Feat. Cartiyaa And B.Miles) [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
13. Energy Barz [Prod. By Ronnie D]
14. Who Dat (Feat. Wicked Law) [Prod. By Curtis Lamonz]
15. Hangover (Feat. Roc And Yung Wurl) [Prod. By Habib]
16. You Fuccin [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
17. On My Shit (Feat. Wicked) [Prod. By Ricodaproducer Cruise]
18. On Me [Prod. By Mike Reeves]
19. The Lord Will (Feat. Wicked Law And Young Wurl) [Prod. By The Renegades]
20. I Don’t Know You Outro (Feat. Welfare Rich) [Prod. By Izze The Producer]

01. Motivated [Prod. By DoubleCup Dollaz]
02. Ah Thousand (Feat. Devin Cruise And Mike Reeves) [Prod. By King Zeus]
03. To My Shooter [Prod. By SuperStaar Beats]
04. Wifi [Prod. By DJ Swift And Dre Beatz]
05. Ayoo [Prod. By John Beats]
06. Tah Tha Money [Prod. By Impulse]
07. Alot Ah Those (Feat. King) [Prod. By Tray On Tha Track]
08. EarthQuake (Feat. Fedarro) [Prod. By Abel Beats]
09. Eat (Feat. Alex The Great) [Prod. By Beats By Jovon]
10. What I Mean (Feat. Alex The Great) [Prod. By Devin Cruise]
11. Smoke This Blunt (Teaser) [Prod. By DoubleCup Dollaz]
12. 12. Go Shawty (Feat. Fedarro) [Prod. By TrackSlammerz]
13. Watch Me (Official Version Bonus) [Prod. By Trey Sizzle Beatz]
14. BakYard (Feat. King) [Prod. By LilRedBeat]
15. Sorry (Feat. Killa Kice) [Prod. By EbadiBeats]
16. If Only You Knew (Feat. King) [Prod. By DmProdBEATS]
17. Put On A Show (Feat. Fedarro) [Prod. By Fedarro]
18. Billz Paid [Prod. By ShawtyChrisBeatz]
19. I Cant Wait (Official) [Prod. By Ima Shiine]
20. IDGAF [Prod. By SuperStaar Beats]

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