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February 2018
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01. Intro
02. We Bros [Prod. By Young Lan]
03. Sell Dope [Prod. By Nard And B]
04. Want It Like This [Prod. By Young Lan]
05. Pain [Prod. By Nard And B]
06. Flossin [Prod. By DJ Trip The Hit Major]
07. I’m Just Tryna Live (Feat. Charles The Great)
08. Be Yourself (Feat. Johnny Cinco And Lucci) [Prod. By Will A fool]
09. Us (Feat. Brodinski)
10. Outro | Omerta

01. Blatlanta Intro (Feat. Major Grams)
02. Throwed Off [Prod. By DJ Tripp Da HitMajor]
03. 30 Round [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
04. Honcho (Feat. Lucci) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
05. Gonna Take [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
06. Real Nigga Prayer [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
07. Bloody Trouble (Feat. Trouble) [Prod. By Shawty Fresh]
08. Skit (Feat. Ola Playa)
09. Riding Round (Feat. Alley Boy And OG Boo Dirty) [Prod. By Memphis Track Boy]
10. Sticks Out (Feat. Greedy) [Prod. By DJ Tripp Da HitMajor]
11. Stay Down (Feat. Lucci) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
12. Respect Skit
13. Middle Finger Fuck It [Prod. By Will A Fool]
14. Aint Right (Feat. Greedy) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
15. Fuck On Ya [Prod. By Tino]
16. Aint Gave Me Shit (Feat. Killa) [Prod. By DJ Tripp Da HitMajor]
17. Make It Out [Prod. By Tino]
18. Blatlanta Outro (Feat. Major Grams) | Omerta

Young Thug And Bloody Jay – Black Portland

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on January 24, 2014

01. Suck Me Up
02. Florida Water
03. Signs
04. No Fucks
05. 4 Eva Bloody
06. Movin
07. Paranoia
08. No Love
09. Nothing But Some Pain (Feat. Future)
10. Danny Glover
11. Lets Go Play | MediaFire

01. Intro
02. Super Hero [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
03. Every Since [Prod. By Tripp Da Hit Major]
04. Shootin’ Blanks (Feat. Gangsta) [Prod. By Tripp Da Hit Major]
05. Nothin’ [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
06. Killa (Feat. Trouble) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
07. Strange World (Feat. Rocko) [Prod. By Chase N Cashe]
08. Let’s Go Play (Feat. Young Thug) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
09. Backstreet (Feat. Gangsta) [Prod. By Superstar Jay]
10. HOE [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
11. Money Da Done [Prod. By Tripp Da Hit Major]
12. Blood Sweat N Tears [Prod. By Few Beats]
13. Beat It Up (Feat. Kevin Gates) [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
14. Nobody Safe (Feat. Young Thug) [Prod. By Will-A-Fool]
15. Loving Memories [Prod. By Tripp Da Hit Major]
16. Just Bein’ Bloody | MediaFire

01. Blatlanta Intro
02. Warning [Prod. By TM88]
03. Gang Activities [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
04. Fuck It Up (Feat. Rocko And Chief Keef) [Prod. By Balistic]
05. Blood In My Eyes [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
06. Play Wit Me (Feat. Gucci Mane And Rocko) [Prod. By John Boy]
07. Go Brazy (Feat. Lil Gangsta And Playa) [Prod. By Nard And B]
08. We Chase It (Feat. Playa And Khrome) [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
09. Hold Me Back [Prod. By Nard And B]
10. Dream Come True [Prod. By Young Rell]
11. Sex, Money, Murder (Feat. Thug And Playa) [Prod. By Too Hot]
12. U Girl [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
13. Livin That Life [Prod. By Q Diablo Pure Fire]
14. Red On (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame And S.O.N.Y.) [Prod. By Southside On The Track]
15. Chess Not Checkers [Prod. By Ferrari Smash]
16. Blatlanta Outro
17. Crossout (Feat. Young Scooter And Playa) [Prod. By Zaytoven]