CJ Fly Feat. Joey Bada$$ – Sup Preme

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Pro Era – The Shift EP

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1. Extortion (Feat. Kirk Knight And Dyemond Lewis) [Prod. By Kirk Knight]
2. Come Come (Feat. Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth And Jakk the Rhymer) [Prod. By Roka]
3. Hail Razor (Feat. A La $ole, Dessy Hinds And CJ Fly) [Prod. By Backpack]
4. On My Life (Feat. Joey Bada$$ And Nyck Caution) [Prod. By Kirk Knight]
5. Butterflies (Feat. Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, CJ Fly, Dessy Hinds, Nyck Caution, A La $ole, Kirk Knight, Dyemond Lewis, Jakk The Rhymer And Joey Bada$$) [Prod. By Powers Pleasant]

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CJ Fly – Q&A

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CJ Fly – Still The Motto

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CJ Fly – Thee Way Eye See It

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01. FLintroCK [Prod. By Cy Fyre]
02. Tug-At-War [Prod. By Esta]
03. Ernee (Feat. Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. By Lee Bannon]
04. Day zZz’s [Prod. By Statik Selektah]
05. Loco Motives [Prod. By Carnage]
06. Eyetalian Frenchip [Prod. By The Entreproducers]
07. Q&A [Prod. By ESTA]
08. Crew’s Cunt Troll [Prod. By Chef Gold]
09. Side (Feat. Buckshot) [Prod. By The Entreproducers]
10. Left Get [Prod. By Backpack]
11. Too Paid [Prod. By Chuck Strangers]
12. Sadderdaze (Feat. Ab-Soul) [Prod. By BrandUn DeShay]
13. Still The Motto [Prod. By Cookin Soul]
14. Sup Preme (Feat. Joey Bada$$) [Prod. By Carnage]
15. Seek Well (Feat. A La $ole And Phife Dawg) [Prod. By Jules Strangelove]
16. Outro-wed (Feat. Erick Arc Elliot) [Prod. By Erick Arc Elliot]
17. Thee Heiiist (Feat. Dessy Hinds, Chelsea Reject And T’nah Apex) [Prod. By Carnage]
18. The Error [Prod. By Cookin Soul]

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Joey Bada$$ And CJ Fly – Overseas

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Pro Era – PEEP: The Aprocalypse

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01. Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$, And CJ Fly – Like Water [Prod. By Statik Selektah]
02. Joey Bada$$, Dirty Sanchez, CJ Fly, And Capital STEEZ – Run Or Fly [Prod. By Lee Bannon]
03. Nyck Caution , Joey Bada$$, And CJ Fly – Wrecord Out [Prod. By Chuck Strangers]
04. Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight, And Joey Bada$$ – F A Rap Critic [Prod. By Statik Selektah]
05. Ala Sole And Joey Bada$$ – The Renaissance [Prod. By Tre Eiht Special]
06. Kirk Knight – Floristst [Prod. By Kirk Knight]
07. Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, And Dessy Hinds – Interlude 47 [Prod. By Statik Selektah]
08. Ala Sole And Nyck Caution – Resurrection Of Real [Prod. By Tre Eiht Special]
09. Dessy Hinds And NYCk Caution – Vinyls [Prod. By The Entre Producers]
10. Joey Bada$$, Dyemond Lewis, Kirk Knight, And NYCk Caution – School High [Prod. By brandUn DeShay]
11. Joey Bada$$ And CJ Fly – Overseas [Prod. By Hans Solo & Jonas Cook]
12. Dessy Hinds And NYCk Caution – Natural [Prod. By Marvel]
13. Joey Bada$$ And Capital STEEZ – K.I.N.G.S. [Prod. By Thelonius Martin]
14. Joey Bada$$ And Rokamouth – Start To Finish [Prod. By Chuck Strangers]
15. CJ Fly, Dyemond Lewis, Ala $ole, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth, Joey Bada$$, And Capital STEEZ – Last Cypher
16. Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ, A La $ole, And CJ Fly – Bun N Cheese [Prod. By Bruce Leekix]
17. Super Helpful And Joey Bada$$ – Lawns [Prod. By Lee Bannon]

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