01. Lose My Cool [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
02. Cold Blooded (Feat. Big Sant) [Prod. by Trakksounds]
03. Northern Lights [Prod. by Dirty Dunnz]
04. Live It Up (Feat. Fiend) [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
05. Anyone [Prod. by Dirty Dunnz]
06. Through These Eyes [Prod. Miles Sloan]
07. Run it [Prod. Dirty Dunnz]
08. Southern Charm [Prod. by DJ Pain 1 And Memory]
09. We Deserve to Shine [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
10. Stairways [Prod. by Miles Sloan]

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01. 1 Deep [Prod. by Trakksounds]
02. Certified [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
03. Louie Luggage [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
04. I’m On [Prod. by Dirty Dunnz]
05. Wonder [Prod. by Dirty Dunnz]
06. Supercool [Prod. by Miles Sloan]
07. Say No More feat. Black Rob [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
08. You Don’t Know [Prod. by Dirty Dunnz]
09. Retribution [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]
10. R.I.P. [Prod. by DJ Pain 1]

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I-20 – The Intermission

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on November 20, 2012

01.My Life is Real [prod. DJ Pain 1]
02.Southern Charm [prod. DJ Pain 1]
03.My Addiction [prod. Jerz and The Fatman]
04.Kush Clouds [prod. DJ Pain 1]
05.The Love [prod. Dirty Dunnz]
06.I’m Just Sayin’ [prod. Dirty Dunnz]
07.The Realness [prod. Trakksounds]
08.A Toast [prod. DJ Pain 1]
09.Murder One [prod. Dirty Dunnz]
10.Cold Word Pt. 1 [prod. DJ Pain 1]
11.Living Wrong [prod. DJ Pain 1]
12.Running [prod. DJ Pain 1]
13.Insane [prod. 2 Much]
14.Ballad For A Queen [prod. DJ Pain 1]


I-20 – Blood And Tears

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on August 8, 2012


I-20 – Southern Charm

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on August 3, 2012


I-20 – Kush Clouds

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I-20 – The Meaning

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on July 11, 2012


01. Bout The Money
02. Do What I Gotta Do
03. Little Boy (Feat. Ludacris And Twista)
04. Down South
05. 100 Percent
06. Work
07. Swagga To The Ceiling (Feat. 2 Chainz)
08. My Swag F Ludacris
09. Death Wish
10. Hungry In The Streets (Feat. Ludacris, 2 Chainz, And Dolla Boy)
11. Weather The Storm (Feat. B.James)
12. Ridin Around (Feat. Ludacris)
13. God’s Plan (Remix) (Feat. Sha Stimuli)
14. Love 2 Ball
15. Don’t Blame Me

I-20 – Celebrity Rehab 2

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on April 26, 2012

01. Time Has Passed [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
02. Love To Ball [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
03. Bobby’s Back [Prod. By Dirty Dunnz]
04. Little Boy (Feat. Ludacris And Twista) [Prod. By Dirty Dunnz]
05. Ammunition [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
06. Do It [Prod. By Jerz And The Fatman]
07. Here I Am [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
08. Southern Niggaz (Feat. Stat Quo) [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
09. Fear of Fame [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
10. Always Ride [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
11. First Class [Prod. By Dirty Dunnz]
12. You Got It [Prod. By Dirty Dunnz]
13. I Apologize [Prod. By The HeatMakerz]
14. Long Way Home [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]


I-20 – Celebrity Rehab

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 15, 2012

01. Tyson [prod. DJ Pain 1]
02. Blood & Tears [prod. DJ Pain 1]
03. Supernova [prod. DJ Pain 1]
04. The Meaning [prod. DJ Pain 1]
05. I’m the Man (ft. Killa Kyleon) [prod. Trakksounds]
06. The Reason [prod. Trakksounds]
07. Sleepin’ on Me (ft. Rain) [prod. DJ Pain 1]
08. Cocaine [prod. DJ Pain 1]
09. The Definition (ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel) [prod. Dirty Dunnz]
10. ‘Dis Paper [prod. Too Much]
11. The Life [prod. DJ Pain 1 & Memory]
12. The Sound of Success [prod. DJ Pain 1]
13. Oh No (ft. Fat Ray & Ro Spit) [prod. Trakksounds]
14. The Reintroduction [prod. Dirty Dunnz]
15. Catch a Body (ft. Fat Ray) [prod. DJ Pain 1]
16. God’s Plan (ft. J. Serious) [prod. DJ Pain 1]

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