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Jae Millz – The Virgo Mixtape 6

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on September 12, 2016


01. Exchange Freestyle
02. Talk To Me [Prod. By Jae Millz]
03. Spend The Night [Prod. By Jae Millz]
04. U Remind Me [Prod. By HNIC]
05. Fade Freestyle
06. When I Get Home [Prod. By KY]
07. Deep [Prod. By KY]
08. Girl You Know (Feat. KY) [Prod. By KY]
09. Sex With Me / Needed Me Freestyle
10. Say Yesss [Prod. By LG] | ZippyShare


Jae Millz – Savage

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on July 3, 2016

01. Don’t Feed The Animals [Prod. By HNIC]
02. Savage (Feat. Cory Gunz) [Prod. By KY]
03. Set The World On Fire [Prod. By HNIC]
04. Came A Long Way [Prod. By DJ Relly Rell]
05. Lit Mode (Feat. Makarel) [Prod. By Da Watchmen]
06. Nasty Girls [Prod. By Fleezy E]
07. Watch Me Do It [Prod. By KY]
08. Toe Tagged [Prod. By KY]
09. By The Way (Feat. O!mi) [Prod. By Direk]
10. Hater How Ya Feel [Prod. By KY]
11. Smoother Than Keith Sweat (Interlude)
12. Fine Shawty (Feat. Makarel, Pre And Lenox Hughes) [Prod. By Don D]
13. Heron [Prod. By Da Watchmen] | ZippyShare


01. Holy Ghost
02. Till The Day I Go (Feat. Makarel)
03. Still The Same Tho (Feat. Lenox Hughes)
04. You Late
05. On Everything
06. Night Of The Living Dead
07. How I’m Feeling
08. Sunrise
09. Check Me Out (Feat. Iamsu!)
10. Work That (Feat. Ron Browz)
11. Just Me And You (Feat. KT)
12. Quarter Past 3 (Feat. Lil Wayne)
13. Pch
14. Non Violent Murder
15. All Praises Due | Omerta

Jae Millz – 5AM In Miami

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on June 1, 2015


Jae Millz – No Chill

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on April 20, 2015

1. I Want It All (Intro) [Prod. By Leer Beats]
2. Yeah I Know (Feat. Dave East) [Prod. By Cashous Clay]
3. 7 Figures [Prod. By I.N.F.O]
4. Shining [Prod. By Speaker Knockerz]
5. So Ignorant (Feat. Makarel And T-Shyne) [Prod. By Eff.Dope]
6. I Know You Love It [Prod. By Fleezy E]
7. Disappear (Feat. Poo Mack) [Prod. By Paris Beuller]
8. I Can’t Help It [Prod. By Automatik Beatz]
9. Fuk Em All (Feat. Mr. Piif And Dave East) [Prod. By Lex Banks] | Omerta


Jae Millz – Virgo 5: Nastier Than The Nastiest

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 16, 2015

01. Previously
02. Pop Dat Pu$$y
03. To The Moon (Feat. Mr.Piif)
04. Its Whatever
05. Makarel Pure Gold (Interlude)
06. Lets Do This (Feat. Dave East And Mr. Piif)
07. By My Side
08. Strokin (Snippet) (Feat. Decadez)
09. Break You Off
10. Pu$$y Poppin | Omerta


Jae Millz – Where Was You At

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on August 27, 2014


Jae Millz – 1990+ (Hosted By DJ Self)

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on February 17, 2014

01. Uptown Anthem
02. Luchini
03. Hold On
04. Live From Shaolin
05. Banned From Radio
06. Above The Rim
07. Get Money
08. T.R.O.Y.
09. Ice Cream
10. Elevators

Jae Millz – The Time Is Now (2007)

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs,Requested by Emi on December 24, 2013

01. Intro / Uncut Raw
02. Lick Off A Shot [Prod. By Scram Jones]
03. Tha Future
04. I’m Bout Gettin’ Money
05. Respect Me
06. I Got Em (Feat. Mysonne)
07. Ask Tha World [Prod. By The Heatmakerz]
08. Big Pimpin’
09. This Way
10. Mo Money (Feat. Vado)
11. Gangsta
12. This Is Why I’m Hot (Remix) (Feat. Remy Ma And Mims)
13. Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks
14. Shadow Battling
15. Ya’ll Know
16. Harlem Uptown [Prod. By DJ Green Lantern]
17. U Can’t Tell I’m From NY (Feat. Tony Sunshine, Maino, Mike Beck, Remy Ma, Prinz And Papoose) | MediaFire


01. Back To The Future Intro
02. Who Got The Props
03. Make Em’ Clap To This
04. Straighten It Out
05. Who [Prod. By Ron Browz]
06. Paper Thin
07. So What You Sayin’
08. Tonights Tha Night
09. I Like That [Prod. By Cool N Dre]
10. Dwick
11. Paid In Full
12. Got Cha Open
13. Welcome Back (Feat. Vado) [Prod. By Amadeus]
14. Superstar
15. Politics As Usual
16. On The Reel
17. Today Was A Good Day
18. Serial Killer
19. For Da Fam (Feat. Aldo And Vado)
20. Ready For Whatever (Feat. Pitbull)
21. It’s Whateva (Feat. Fat Joe)
22. Take A Better Look [Prod. By Alchemist]
23. Tha Statue (Feat. Mysonne) [Prod. By Ez Elpee]
24. Back To The Future Outro | MediaFire


Jae Millz – R.O.T.S.

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on September 19, 2013

01. Speaking My Mind (Acapella)
02. Earth, Wind And Fire
03. Don’t Be Stupid (Feat. Makarel)
04. Real As It Come
05. Fell In Love With Dyckman (Feat. Vado And Makarel)
06. 1st Degree Murder
07. (R.O.T.S.) Reality Of The Situation
08. Speaking My Mind Again (Acapella)
09. Baking Soda
10. Guy Fisher (Feat. Vado)
11. Sammy Davis Jr.
12. Bust It (Feat. Makarel)
13. That’s My Price (Feat. Al Doe)
14. Still Speaking My Mind (Acapella)
15. Rowdy (Feat. Iamsu!)
16. Totally ILL (Feat. Troy Ave)
17. Slow Flow
18. Oh Lord (Feat. Makarel, T Real And Microphone Pre) | MediaFire


Jae Millz – Property Of Potentness 2

Posted in: Music Videos by Emi on April 19, 2013

01. Much More [Prod. By Jae Millz]
02. Potent Everything (Feat. Mak) [Prod. By Leer Beats]
03. Whataday [Prod. By LoudxPack]
04. Barstool Flow [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
05. Sky High (Feat. Birdman, Gucci Mane, And Khalil) [Prod. The Youngstars]
06. Elevate Your Mind [Prod. By LoudxPack]
07. Cold Nights [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
08. Stay In Your Lane (Feat. Mak, T-Real, And GP) [Prod. Way Whizz]
09. So Beautiful (Feat. Smoke Dza) [Prod. By Jae Millz]
10. Dat Feel (Feat. Mak, T-Real, And GP) [Prod. Osym Beats
11. Millzlandia [Prod. By LoudxPack]
12. Dont Fuk Wit Me [Prod. By Stoopid]
13. I’ll Make It Up To You [Prod. By LG]
14. Just Watch Me [Prod. By Extraordinary Muzik] | MediaFire


01. The Walk In
02. Everydays Anthem
03. The God
04. Papa John (Feat. Troy Ave)
05. Vintage Jae (Feat. Al Doe)
06. God Bless The Child
07. Pure Honesty (Feat. Steve Reason)
08. My Old Thang
09. Riding Slow
10. I Gotta Eat (Feat. Fred The Godson And Vado)
11. Higher (Feat. Al-Doe And Smoke DZA)
12. Fuck Around (Feat. Charlie Clips)
13. Who Don’t (Feat. Twista)
14. Type Of Shit I Be On
15. Sleep With My Shades On (Feat. Beautifull April)
16. Let The Top Down
17. She Baddd (Feat. Beautifull April)
18. Grind All Day
19. Go Get It (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
20. Dutch Masters
21. It’s You
22. Presidents Represent Me (365)
23. The Walk Out | MediaFire

1. Harlem Globetrotters Intro
2. Vado – Harlem
3. Vado – Filthy Game (ft. Jae Millz)
4. A$ap Rocky – Goldie
5. Statik Selektah – Harlem Blues (ft. Smoke Dza)
6. Jae Millz – No Days Off (ft. Vado & Al-Doe)
7. Jae Millz – Harlem To Shadyville
8. Swizz Beatz – Street Knock (ft. A$ap Rocky)
9. A$ap Rocky – Palace
10. Jae Millz – All In My Mind (ft. Smoke Dza)
11. A$ap Rocky – Peso (Remix ft. Vado)
12. Smoke Dza – E.T.’s Finger (ft. Jae Millz)
13. Jae Millz – I’m Ill Freestyle (ft. Vado)
14. Jae Millz – The Setup Freestyle (ft. Vado & Also)
15. Posta Boy – Harlem Week (ft. Jae Millz)
16. Schoolboy Q – Hands On The Wheel (ft. A$ap Rocky)
17. Smoke Dza – 2 AM Monday Night
18. Smoke Dza – 4 Loko (ft. A$ap Rocky)
19. A$ap Rocky – CEO Freestyle
20. Vado – Large On The Streets
21. Jae Millz – Large On The Streets Freestyle
22. Jae Millz – Harlem Uptown
23. Nym Dot – I’m From Harlem (Remix ft. Smoke Dza, T-Rex & Vado)
24. Vado – Respect The Jux (ft. Jae Millz)
25. Fabolous – Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside (ft. Vado & Lloyd Banks)
26. Smoke Dza – To Whom It May Concern

Jae Millz – Property Of Potentness

Posted in: Mixtapes / EPs by Emi on April 21, 2012

01. Come Fly Wit Me [Prod. By LG And Jae Millz]
02. All In My Mind (Feat. Smoke DZA And Gudda Gudda) [Prod. By Cash Hits And Jae Millz]
03. Palm Trees, Sunshine, And The Sand [Prod. By Cash Hits]
04. Living Better Than I Look [Prod. By LG]
05. Dear Smoke Alarm [Prod. By LG And Jae Millz]
06. Live From The Lenox Lounge [Prod. By LG]
07. This Is 4 Her [Prod. By Cardiak]
08. Everyday Is 4 20 [Prod. By Cash Hits]